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Went over to the Ski Depot in Jay, Maine last Friday to play Cinderalla. And found the glass slipper.
For the past two years I have been in a pair of Krypton Pro's. I got them after skiing for a couple years in an old pair of Tecnica XT17 plugs with the Doberman lace up liner that offered an amazing, blood pressure cuff fit and smooth, progressive flex. A great boot and state of the art in their day. But I did struggle with them. It is a stiff and forward boot and I have chicken shins. Even with a Booster strap to cinch up the tongue I found that I was I at a significant angle before I was even pressuring the cuff. Not good geometry on a sub-zero Maine day. And they are pretty bare bones. There is little overlap of the shell flaps, and snow would blow into the boot. Pretty damn cold with a thin, leather racing liner.
So I got the Kryptons couple years ago. It is considerably more upright, and the after market Intuition liner (the wraparound kind) really held my thin shins. Not so stiff as the Tecnicas either. Wicked warm too.Problem was the fit. Major toe crunch, loose ankles, sloppy heel retention caused a general disconnect between my foot and the boot. Did not give up easily. Recooked (in the shop) the Intuitions three times. Some major liner work done in Maine and Vail. Great boot - just not for my foot. And I had no desire to spend another season in them.
So I went looking for a boot that had the plug feel of the Tecnicas and more user friendly nature of the Kryptons. Read about many XT alums (ssh, Bud Heisman and others) who graduated to Dobermans. Called up Ski Depot and was told that the only boot they had left in the Pro line was one of last year's in US 8 (305mm). Since my Tecnica's were 303mm and the Kryptons were 306mm, sounded just right (I am a 9.5-10 D street shoe).
Fondled the boot before I put it on. Beautifully crafted. Thick beefy plastic - much more substantial than the Tecnicas. Nicely tooled buckles with no paint in places where it will come off the first time you buckle them. Did the shell fit - Felt right. About one finger (I have thin fingers). At home I measured 12-13mm. So slipped one on. Moment of truth. Ahhhh. Enter the blood pressure cuff. Liner and shell just grabbed my heel and ankle like a firm handshake. Last (98mm) blossomed nicely in the forefoot. No fifth toe pressure. Big toe straight and just touching shell end and retracts when flexing. This boot is good for chicken shins. Felt very secure all the way up the cuff without having to crank it down as in the Kryptons. So I bought them. Since last year's model, more than 50% off.
Over the weekend I played with the fit. First off, I replaced the stock strap with the Booster straps I had on my Tecnicas. Nice change. Made the boot feel less stiff, and improved the progressiveness of the flex, making it more "elastic" due to the elastic in the Booster strap. I highly recommend you 150 WC folks try this before cutting the shell. 
I tried the other liners I have. The Intuition was too much liner for this low volume boot shell. Made the boot feel two sizes smaller. In fairness, they have not been cooked for this boot and it is technically the right size for it (both size 8). So it might be fine if it were cooked with this shell. Then put in the leather Dobie liner I used with the Tecnicas. While it is four years old, it looks just like the ones I have seen posted next to a pair of current 150 WC's, except mine are all black. Nice. Nice. Nice. Obviously less volume than the foam-filled Pro liner making for a more shell-connected feeling. Had to cinch down the shell by two notches plus to compensate. But a beautiful feel. Same rock solid fit. And there is just something about the feel of a leather liner - more like a sock and just molds to your feet. I would not hesitate to use this liner in the Pro -in the SPRING.
Final tweak was to put in the sole shim to see how it might change the fit. And it did. The shim is a felt-type material that fits on top of the foot board and under foot bed. It made quite a difference which just goes to show how close the tolerances in this boot are without it. The shim brought my foot up in the shell. Got an even more solid fit in the heel and ankle - to the point of unpleasant discomfort. It also pushed the top of my toes into the shell, eliminating much of the wiggle room. This tweak truly made this a race fit boot, and one I do not need to live with. But it will come in handy when the liners pack out.
Bottom line is that, for me, this is a great fit out of the box. Got the fit I was looking for from the Tecnica plugs and the warmth and more user friendly qualities of the Kryptons. Will report back once the snow flies. Thanks for reading.