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I am a 6' 2" 180lb intermediate-advanced with just about the saddest excuses for feet you will find that haven't been mutilated.  Having been able to get on a hill at least a couple of times every season since I was 4; without my own gear for the last 6 years and finally done growing, I realized that coming out of rentals and feeling nothing for days was a bad thing.  High arches, narrow feet, misaligned toes, top it off with poor circulation, i had it all.  At least this time I had made sure to seek the advice of someone who knew what they were doing.  Eventually made my way to these, and instantly I was impressed. 

The issue i have with just about every boot out there is the lack of vertical space above where the arch of the foot is, which causes all the force from my weight to be unevenly distributed onto the front part of my foot while at the same time constricting it, and adaptive soles did nothing to alleviate this either.  But after standing in these in excess of 2 hours and feeling no tightness whatsoever, I knew these were the boots for me.  Stiffness felt excellent as well, it left enough motion for maneuvering while preventing just about any slippage, they truly fit like a glove.

Is this type of characteristic typical of Tecnica boots?  I passed on numerous Lange and Nordica models because they all had the same problem as everything else.  Otherwise, i'm just throwing this out as a must-look series for anyone with the misfortune to be "blessed" with such monstrosoties.

I also happened upon a pair of Nordica Hot Rod Igniter TI's at 170 as my one-ski quiver for the season.  If anyone has ridden the Hot Rod series, how is it?  I'll get my 2 cents on them in after the 11th, le home montagne be opening that day (hopefully).

(And, I guess this is my "hello barking bears" as well)