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Anyone been since Wed. and Thurs' snowfall? I'm looking for something to do on Saturday; and I figure since it's open, could be worth the trip. Who cares if it's only two runs, plus the terrain park.
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The snow at A-Basin is in great shape. Saturday will be really really crowded with very very long lift lines. Week day mornings (9am) are a better choice if you can adjust your ski time.
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Last Saturday and Sunday A-bay had long lines, but actually was not crowded. Not the usual early-season WROD situation at all. A group of us will be there today and tomorrow.  Look for the fluorescent green Dynastar ZZero AT boots.
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Hey - I was at A Basin yesterday and it was AWESOME.  great early snow and the backcountry was fairly free of pizza-wedging tourists :)  Plus I got to try my new pair of mai tai skis I figure some apris skiing and mai tais are about perfect: http://www.skicandy.com/cgi-bi...0&y=0 Can't wait to go out again!
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Keystone is also open and there were NO lines on Thursday.  Only two runs were open, but the snow was decent.  Both A-Basin and Keystone are predicted to get 10-18 inches this weekend.
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