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Car rental from Denver DIA, really expensive

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We have two trips to Colorado in February. Car rental has always been expensive but this year it appears to be the worst. Right now the plan is to check rates every couple of weeks and hope to get lucky. I haven't been able to find any decent discount codes yet. Any suggestions?
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yes, rentals are tough.   you may want to consider rentals that don't rent on the airport.  these like alamo, enterprise, budget etc often run cheaper.

If you arranged with a travel agency or airline direct, they may bundle, usually a great rate

If you work for a company,university, gov't they may allow you to use their corp discount on personal travel, mine with luck is good in Steamboat ... told this was not too common

Join AAA, SAM's Club, Costco or other groups that offer a discount, check the discount first.

Your insurance company may offer rental discounts. 

the tough thing is all the fee's ... very tough.  a quick check at Alamo shows $300 for an Impala type adds $110 bucks in fees and taxes  ..
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I haven't tried it for Denver but I have gotten some significant discounts using Priceline and Hotwire for my last few rental cars.
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 I used ACE last year with really good results, in the 40 per day range.  I looked yesterday and the cheapest they had was 139 per day.  Those kind of rates will certainly keep me from flying in to Denver.  Co. Springs still has reasonable rental rates.
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 if youre going to meetup with a group or going by yourself and staying in the same place the whole time, you might check out colorado mountain express shuttle - about 70 each way to breck.
i do that when i meet my dad(as a retiree, he has every day off; i have 11. )

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small notes:

the $300 i noted above was weekly, course taxes suck.  but a better break point and usually cheaper than 5 day rentals.  

the other is as Pwdrhd noted, Priceline's, etc.  they often offer some great prices.  One thing to remember is if your plans are somewhat fluid.  I use my corp disc as i can cancel at any time an not be out cash. 

once in a while i get a free upgrade when going to the counter, doesn't hurt to ask.  Last yr got lucky and went from a std mid size to a Toyota 4wd Highlander. 

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Word is the rental agencies have reduced the number of cars they have and thus prices are up.  And the taxes out of DIA are crazy.  I have a mid-size car reserved with Dollar for 3 weeks in Feb for $180/wk (+ taxes of about $75/wk).  I got an SUV last year for that.  I plan to check the major travel sites between now and Feb periodically to see if any deals pop up.  It happened last year so who knows. 
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