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Ron LeMaster's Site

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I had the opportunity to chat with Ron LeMaster today. For those of you who might not know him, he is a technical advisor to the US Ski Team and author. His most recent text is "The Skier's Edge". In a word I think it's a tremendous text for every level skier.

I wanted to get his express permission to post items from his website and to post information from his book. He was exceedingly gracious. He has done various presentations for ski schools in this area including little old Eldora. He is very kind with his time.

The link is to slides (powerpoint) presented at the Vail ski school last year. I think it's of particular interest to note the comments on pages 10 and 11 concerning;


Transition and the role of Retraction

Stance Width

The role of the Inside Ski

I also was interested in the skier on page 28 of the presentation.

I'll let anyone interested glance at the presentation and his website. For those of you with "The Skier's Edge", I found material in chapter eight particularly cogent. I was told I could print excerpts here and will do so at a later date


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Thanks. Ron Lemaster is one of my heroes. I hadn't realized he had a website.
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Not only does he have his own website, he is a registered epicski member. Unfortunatly we have not seen him here in a long time.
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I was just checking with Ronn LeMaster` papers published by PSIA in 1965 for comparison........very interesting. Thanks for the info Rusty-----------Larry C
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I tried to spark a little interest in his return to the site. He said he was swamped working on a new book. He was very gracious with his time as usual.
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here's another article/presentation that might spark some interest in his website.

Ron LeMaster USSCAAcademy-2001
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Hey David C, I need a little help. In pulling up Ron`s site and then clicking on the blue presentation bar, I click on the last --presentation --and it downloads, however the only thing that appears is a blank page. When clicking on any of the other bars I do get a presentation of photos. Appreciate some help!!!----thanks, Larry C [img]redface.gif[/img]
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I had a similar but slightly different problem. Even with the most up-to-date service packs for Windows, and most recent upgrades and fixes for Adobe Acrobat, when I initially printed out his presentation, every single alphaneumeric character in the presentation was replaced by a square box. In my case, setting the option, "Print Images" fixed this problem. My guess is that he is using an odd font or using an old version of Adobe Acrobat to translate his PowerPoint slides to PDF.

Rusty, I don't know how much feedback Ron has received on this particular document, but perhaps you might want to let him know that it doesn't display/print properly on what appears to be a growing number of computers.

Tom / PM

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For those of you having problems, more info please.

What OS are you using?
What Browser and version?

What type of internet connection?

please give a link for the failing presentation.

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DC - I had the problem using:

1 GHz AMD box, 512M RAM, 2x120Gig HD's, Award Medallion BIOS 6.0
10/100 Ethernet card, 54 Mb WiFi card, etc.

Win 2k (service pack and bug fixes completely current = 5.0.2195 SP4 Build 2195)

IE 6.0.2800.1106

Adobe Acrobat 5.0.0 (kept current with their auto updates)

HP4000 printer with PS and LAN card

My problem was clearly some sort of printer font substitution issue since I could see everything fine on screen, and it printed fine fine as long as I turned on the "print everything as images" option in Adobe (which I wasn't previously aware of, and which is not normally set to "ON" as the default.).

The problem occurred both when I streamed the Adobe document and when I saved it and read it off the local HD.

Tom / PM

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I had trouble wiht auto update using reader 5.? I jsut had to re-install my primary hard drive and ended up installing version 6, with it I had no problems. Also have same processor and RAM though using win me.
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Good thought, but I'm using full Acrobat, not just Reader and have had no problems with their auto update. Thanks, tho.

Tom / PM
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I was at that presentation. It was great. Unfortunatly without the words that went with it it looses a lot.
I e-mailed Ron about the Vail presentation. Unfortunatly he doesn't keep notes on what he says. I had some questions about certain pictures and what he was getting at with them. He answered my e-mails but couldn't remember exactly what the point was.
The Skier's Edge is a great book. It talks about some things in a way I've not seen before. Ron put out a training booklet for RMD called, The Nuts and Bolts of Skiing. I guess there are no more copies of it. I was fortunate enough to read it a few years ago. In it he put forward the premise that "good skiers adjust their weight fore and aft by repositioning their feet underneath them". This was a real breakthrough for me in my skiing and changed the way I've appproached teaching.
I just found this thread. It was posted while I was coaching at Mt Hood. Sorry I'm late in replying.
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Working OK here on Win XP Pro (SP2)
Acrobat Reader 6
IE 6
The first one - the PDF - is reasonably large (almost 3MB), so over slower connections it may not fully download (I used to have this problem downloading manuals, I thought they were complete, then when I went to print them information was missing)

The second one is an html powerpoint presentation. Provided your browser supports frames you should be OK.

I'm currently testing them on Pocket PC2002, I'll let you know the results when/if it finishes downloading the files.

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Yeah, the PDF is fine on Pocket PC2002.

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