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K2 Darkside .....talk to me!

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I got an email from a friend who is interested in getting a K2 Darkside(size 188).  He said that its primary use will be for big mountain Tele skiing.
I have absolutely no knowledge about this ski and wonder if anyone can help me out on information and availability.
Do any of our esteemed  sponsors sell this ski?
Who has demoe'd it?
Has anyone got Tele experience on anything like this?

From the website:
The DarkSide boasts the widest dimensions in our Adventure line, and combined with the Hybritech sidewall construction, it will inspire you to hold the throttle wide open while arcing super G turns down an AK face. However, when the terrain chokes down to a tight couloir, rock garden or steep glade, the normal cambered tail allows you to scrub speed on demand and the 10/20 shovel rocker delivers surprising quickness and agility.
Performance: Soft Snow 90% Variable Snow 10%
Sizes: 174, 181, 188
Radius: 25m@174
Construction: Hybritech Sidewall
Core: Aspen/Paulownia 
Weight: 2100g@ 174
Binding Options: Flat

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 I found they ski more like a big Apache series rather than a Obsethed or Maiden. Is that a good or bad thing? neither, just depending on your view. I will say, like the Apache Series, they have a huge sweet spot and ski very easy. If he wants some let me know.
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Since you're not getting a lot of feedback about the tele angle, I'll add a nearly useless post.  I haven't tele'd the Darkside, but based on conversations with the rep and and published info I wouldn't hesitate to mount them tele.  I think they'd be very, very nice soft snow tele boards.  Just need to be sure that you've got the appropriate big boots and bindings to drive them.  

If someone would like to send me a pair to tele-test, I'd be sure to give an in-depth review and be very grateful.  
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 Thanks both of  you.  I've passed the info along. 

As always, preshiacha!
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