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oregon skiing

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I am visiting my son in portland,or in february.if you have experience with oregon ski areas can you fill me in on your favorites and why? thanks.
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It depends on what you are looking for.  From Portland, all of the local skiing is on Mt. Hood.  Mt. Hood Meadows has the most varied terrain and is the largest of the Mt. Hood ski areas but not a lot of steep or gnarly terrain.  Ski Bowl is the closest to Portland and actually probably has the best expert terrain.  However, it has the lowest elevation and can get less snow and even rain while the other places get snow.  Lastly, is Timberline.  Beautiful WPA lodge but with mostly cruiser runs.  If you are a boarder, they have a fairly large terrain park area.

If you can go on a weekday there will be no crowds/liftlines at any of them.  If you have to go on the weekend, they will all be crowded.  All three have some form of night skiing.
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Pwdrhnd covered it well. Timberline lodge is a nice attraction to see. I perfer Skibowl,cheap,steep and night skiing is a treat.
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Well wait a second.....are you skiing for the day or do you have time to drive a few hours and stay overnight at some other Oregon resorts?  There are many options beyond Hood.
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newfy, I only meant to comment on the "local" Portland options.  Certainly there are a lot of choices depending on how far the O.P. wants to drive.

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Bachelor is worth the drive. The snow if far better there than on Mt Hood. Otherwise it's Meadows over Timberline no doubt. Ski Bowl is steeper than Meadows, but it's smaller and lower.
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Bachelor is worth the drive especially if you spend the night in Bend and ski for 2 days.  It has by far the best snow of all the resorts accessible to the Willamette Valley population.  The only other resorts in Oregon that can get better snow are Anthony Lakes and Warner Canyon, two obscure small resort further east. 
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I'm in the same situation as Kriss, going to visit a friend in Portland between Christmas and New Years. I am debating between Bachelor and Cyrstal.

Any thoughts?? I was just going to wait and base our destination on the snow report.. 
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Bachelor is 3 hours from PDX and Crystal is about 5 hours. Crystal is steeper w/ good side country but not the snow quality of Bachelor. 
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Crystal has far better terrain than Bachelor.  If the snow is good, it beats 'em hands down.  However, you might have trouble with lodging, which would be pretty much required when coming from Portland.  Midweek is usually not problem, but the week between Christmas and New Year's Day will be tough.
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