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Herbert Hotel - Sugarloaf

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I read a few of posts about some disatisfaction with Sugarloaf and the expense.  I just wanted to share with you my secret.  I ski at Sugarloaf (during the peak season, there is no better place to ski in the northeast), but I stay at the Herbert Hotel in Kingfield which is 15 mins away from Sugarloaf.  Yeah, it may be a 15 min drive, but my family and I get to enjoy skiing, and get pretty, comfortable, clean digs at the Herbert.  We use a family suite for me, my husband and two kids.  If not for the Herbert, my family would not be able to afford skiing at Sugarloaf, as their accomodations are very expensive.  The Herbert's staff would know you by name, and are very helpful.

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 I have stayed at Sugarloaf in 8 of the past 10 years. One year we went  3 different times. At no time did I pay more than $80-95 per night per person for a slopeside condo or hotel. Price includes lift ticket. For that price you are staying on slope for practically free. As far as I'm concerned Sugarloaf has the best and most affordable on slope lodging anywhere in the northeast, plus it is a huge mountain with something for everyone. There is an expense to being on slope but you don't have to haul your gear from long distances from their lots to the lodge or take shuttles, you can go back for lunch, take a nap etc.
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I am not disagreeing with you, but my post was for the working family who cannot pay "per person" for each night but who enjoy skiing.  When my kids are on school breaks in the winter, as a family we would be unable to go skiing, because the prices are high at Sugarloaf.  Plus they have resort fees that add to the prices.  Sugarloaf is great (and I am a huge supporter as well), but not for the ordinary working family. 
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when the kids were around, sugarloafs midweek ski package was a great deal.even during feb. vacation week. Quad and dbls pricing  mid week is still good but they really don't encourage a single skier to make the long drive up, hence I haven't skied there in awhile even though they still send me those great price e-mails.
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The Herbert is a great place. And I like Longfellow's restaurant across the street. Nothing fancy, but always reliable. As you mention, the drive to the mountain is fairly short. I would also encourage you to spend a day or two at Saddleback. Tremendous value, and great skiing. A bit less than an hour from Kingfield, but worth it. A lot of good things underway up there. Good option on a crowded weekend day at Sugarloaf. We ski at Sugarloaf, and buy season passes that have a few blackout dates. Saddleback has a deal where day tickets are $35 if you have a season's pass elsewhere. All sorts of deals up there. Maximum day ticket price is $49. I love Sugarloaf, but you can stretch a dollar during a day or two at Saddleback. Just a thought.
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I am not disagreeing with you, but my post was for the working family who cannot pay "per person" for each night but who enjoy skiing.  When my kids are on school breaks in the winter, as a family we would be unable to go skiing, because the prices are high at Sugarloaf.  Plus they have resort fees that add to the prices.  Sugarloaf is great (and I am a huge supporter as well), but not for the ordinary working family. 
I won't disagree with you that prices are high on school and Xmas breaks, but they are high every place. I am the working family and I take the whole family wife, 2 kids on vacation skiing. We do it on non holiday times for ski weeks. That is where it is affordable for me. The kids missing school for a week is not going to alter their life especially grade school. Where I live I can choose any mountain from Stratton to Stowe all with in 1 1/2 hours but I still choose to drive 5 1/2 hours( with kids in the back) to go to Sugarloaf to vacation. One of the main reasons is the affordability of their on slope lodging.The other is it is a great mountain. Once that is paid all my skiing and use of the health club / pool is included. I don't know about any other resort fees you are talking about.I only go there to ski.
In full disclosure I will say I have not been since it was sold to Boyne but when I receive flyers from Sugarloaf it still looks like approximately the same deals.
The way I see it there is on slope where I put on my skis, ski down to a lift and then ski back at the end of the day. Then there is driving to a ski area and using the day lodge and parking lots. It really does not matter if I am 10 minutes or 2 hours away it is still a hassle at most big resorts to have to park, haul equipment, find a place in the lodge etc etc etc. The cost breakdown (when you figure a lift ticket to the big resorts is north of $75) for on slope at the Loaf with ticket included is around $85  is well worth it to me to have a relaxing vacation.
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I am just glad the Herbert is still going. I grew up in that area (North Anson) and was at Sugarloaf 3-4 days a week. Thanks for brining back some great memories.
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Between 1972 and 1976, I stopped at the hardware store in North Anson on almost every trip from Waterville to Sugarloaf {and that was 4-5 times a week}. They had a counter where they sold coffee and donuts. Good pricing for a college guy!  Classic. Neat little town.  
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Yea that hardware store was owned by the Buntons. Nice family, I went to HS with thier daughter. They closed it down around 93 or 94 though. Upstairs it used to be the towns movie theater, there were lots of old cool movie stuff from the early 40's-60's up there last time we went in there. Must be worth a fortune. I miss that little town. :(
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Thanks for the tip on Saddleback.  When I called to book for Christmas break, the Herbert offered us packages for both Saddleback and Sugarloaf.  We trook the Sugarloaf package.  This a first as they have never offered us any packages in the past when we stayed there.  I will discuss with my husband and see if he wants to try Saddleback.  Never hurts to try something new.
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Saddleback is more of the old time New England ski feel IMO. They have added a nice lodge, better snow making and few new trails in the past few years. It has been purchased by Warren Cook, who owned Sugarloaf before the whole Les Otten/ASC debacle. Warren really took Sugarloaf and moved it forward from what it was, I think he will be doing the same thing to Saddleback.
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One slight correction re: WC. He's running SB, and doing by all accounts a great job. If he has any ownership interest it's minor. Was hired by the Berry family to be the CEO/GM. Part of his comp package may include a slice of equity. They have a lot of good things going on. Many of the trails do have that older NE feel. Great spot. and back to North Anson. Have some friends who bought a camp on Embden Pond a couple of years ago. Beautiful spot.

To the OP, I would check out SB, even for a day. Be aware that it can be on average about 10 degrees colder up there.
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 Ahh I see. Being stuck here in Chicago, I get my news of back home mixed up sometimes, thanks for the correction. And yes Embden Pond is a nice spot. I have lots of friends that had/have places there. Funny when I lived there, I took that whole area for granted and really didn't know how lucky I was.
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Hi brooklyn gal.  I saw your post and was inteerested as I have a family as well.  Is this a good deal at the Herbert hotel since you stayed there before?  Please be unbiased, thanks, and let me know if you got better deal theree.  I called the Herbert hotel for school break in Febuary, and the guy offered for my husband, me, and 2 boys a 5 night stay in a queen two bedroom suite, 4 sugarloaf lift tickets each day, breakfast, tax and service charge for $1,799.  Comes out to about $89.95 per night per person.  The economy is squeesing us, christmas is lean, and a surprise vacation braeak for the boys would be nice.
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For February break, that's a great great deal.  Not sure what the mountain is offering for February break as I have not stayed there in years, but you can call and find out.  I have a feeling that you will not able to get a better deal.  You will not regret staying at the Herbert.  It has a very charming feel.  
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