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Atomics without Camber - Help!

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I recently ordered and received a pair of Atomic GS-11s and a pair of SX-11s. Out of the box, they have little-to-no camber. Laid on a flat surface (without bindings), they sit about 1/8" above the surface at the midpoint. Placed together on end, the midpoints are separated by camber by only about 3/8".

This seems too little to me. I have mounted and skied the SX-11s, and they seem to ski fine, but I'm worried about their lack of camber. Do these skis come with less camber then in the past, or do I have defective product?

I called Atomic, and they were less than helpful, with no-one there having a clear idea of how much camber their skis should have.

Any help?

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Well, if you ahve been watching the forums i have a camber issue with my Elan SLX's. They appear to ski fine, but they do decamber. I havent heard back from Elan ont he issue yet but i spoke with several shop people and reps who said it was not a huge issue, but i could probably warranty them after the season was over. My stock Salomon GS race skis came with about as much camber as you have described in your skis. They also retain the camber when they are skied on. The lack of camber doesnt effect the performance of the ski at all, my GS skis rip, as do my Elans. I have not had the opportunity to try the SLX T (stock), but according to another person from here on the forum they do not decamber. If your skis are not losing camber when you ski them i would not worry about it. Also if they feel lively underfoot when youre skiing on them, then youre just fine. When they start to feel dead, then you have a problem. Also i heard atomics have more of a smooth damp feel this year than in years past, so take this into account as well. If the camber starts changing on you... then i would call your rep immediately. Thats what i did - but unfortunately he was partying it up in killington for 2 weeks... the privileged life of a ski company rep...
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I have noticed the same lack of camber on my Sceneo S500. I see less than 1 inch of separation when the ski is on a flat surface with brakes out of the way.

I asked Fischer (via email) about this and they responded promptly that it is normal with modern skis.

I have to admit that on snow I did not notice any issues. However, I only skied them in Tremblant (in November) on fairly soft conditions (with lots of heavy artificial snow) until last weekend when I noticed the following:

Last weekend I skied some very hard conditions and my tails kept sliping when I expected a solid grip. When I got back home, I realized that the tails (and to some extent the tips) were detuned to the point that they were downright blunt! Why does Fischer detune tips and tails out of the factory? :

With so much shape and little camber, detuning will make skiing hard conditions (the kind that happen when temperatures dive after several day sof rain) very difficult.

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So, what have you ever used camber for?

The way I look at it, camber is kind of like hair on men, We all like it, but we never use it for anything.

If a ski as sufficiently "stiff", preloading the tips and tails through camber should not be required. After all, camber is a shape opposite to the arc developed when we actually ski the ski. Lord knows the modern materials available can build a ski with a very high modulus of elasticity.

Last year, didn't one of the extreme skiiers endorse a big mountain ski with a profile like a boat? that is a reverse camber.

Still, if the ski doesn't ski well, you have to do something.

Remember when we used to always place a wood block between our skis to preserve the camber?

Now, I think camber is most useful for keeping the brakes engaged, and so keep the skis together when carried.

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All good points, however if my skis are defective, and not as "cambered" as they ought to be, I can only imagine that normal camber would give me more stiffness, more rebound, better performance. For this kind of money, I want everything I can get.
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How much pop can be obtained by the camber of the ski if you can squeeze two skis together between your thumb and fore finger?
Stiffness cannot change unless the internals of the ski "break down" Preload could change with decamber however. Atomics have great torsional stiffness due to their construction. I don't know about the long way however.

Still true, if something is wrong....

Try the block of wood storage method and see if the camber returns.

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Back in the day, I skied a pair of Volkl ZEBRAS, 215 DH boards with enough camber to cause a nose bleed.

These where very hard to get out of the snow if you wanted to do something besides carve.

just a perspective.

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CalG, I understand that camber serves to keep weighting even across the ski, which improves speed and control, no?
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My Dynastars are the same way. No problem whatsoever with them. They have great pop and edge hold, and I'm skiing boiler plate. From what I've seen everywhere else, that's perfectly normal.
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