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Women's ski clinics

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Looks to me like this women has a great service. She has lots of very positive testimonials and has been in business for 15 years now.

Women who like women only camps should check her out (Lisa, I posted this with you in mind).

Here's an article about her in today's Denver Post.

Here's her web site. www.skiwithkim.com
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The tree girl.
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Thanks SCSA! One of the reasons I sometimes like to take Women's Workshops is that they are pretty cost effective. {actually, its sort of unfair that they do not offer the same sort of deal to men}. Althoigh Kim's workshops look great, they are a bit expensive.
BTW, just because I take Women's ski workshops, does'nt mean I love my male instructors any less!
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I've always been a big fan of Liisa Savijarvi and Karen Stemmle's Ski Escape program.
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If you can't BEAT em , Join em! EH?
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Oh man.
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