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Tell me about Red Mountain

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I read the story about Red Mountain in one of this month's ski mags and am curious.  We love to take a family trip once a year to ski-ride, and the place seemed to be one I'd consider.  So, can some of the locals up that way weigh in on the place? 

I know it's somewhat convenient to Spokane, but what are the lodging opportunities on or around the resort?  What's the terrain like - is there a resort you could compare the place to?  From the article, I envisioned an A-basin - Telluride kind of place.  One where the terrain is a bit more challenging, with fewer cruisers and perhaps more steeps.

Anyway, love to see your thoughts ...
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Use the search function - I know a few members of this forum have skied Red and have posted detailed trip reports in the past.  Those members may or may not be active so searching out the old threads may be your best bet.  I've driven by, but never skied Red.  It's a couple hours drive from Spokane.  It looks to have a lot of steep tree skiing.
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Its been a few years since I've been to Red but it looks like it hasn't changed much except they've added more glade runs.   (Glade runs are runs where they've thinned the trees.)  Red is steep.  Blue runs there are black runs that are groomed. 

It isn't a huge resort but it does have more than enough terrain to keep you amused for a week if you ski the glade runs.  Most, if not all, of the glade runs would be double diamonds elsewhere.  They are not designed for aspiring intermediates.

The area is empty even on weekends mainly because its hard to get to.  Its a 2 1/2 to 3 hour drive from Spokane during the winter.  The locals & lifties are largely Aussies wintering there.  Don't try to keep up with them drinking.....they're pros.

There aren't many accommodations at the mountain and few that are truly ski-in/ski-out.  (Most are ski-in only.)  Rossland is only a few miles away and a fun little town.  I would recommend staying there so you can walk around at night and use a shuttle to get back and forth from the mountain.

If you are a good skier you probably would really enjoy the combination of Rossland and Red Mountain for the week.  I'm not so sure intermediate skiers would find enough runs they could handle for that long.
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Rio, perfect rundown on the pace ... you've told me all I need to know.  Thanks ...
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 Rio's advice is great.

Red does have some decent "intermediate glades" in the Paradise area. 

It is hard to beat red for steep tree skiing though. From the top of the mountain, you are free to go in any direction. Many tight areas will open up, others won't. Signage is terrible, and nothing is marked, but if you have the skills to manage unanticipated challenges, you will have a great time exploring the area. Everything leads down to a collector, so it is pretty hard to get totally lost.
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 Red White and You cards are on sale now 99.00 for 3 days of skiing and 5 dollar discount beyond that, on sale usually until 12/31 at 7/11's in the Spokane area, it's a great price break. Should be a notice on the Red Mtn website.
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Hi, I'm a local (not Aussie!) from Red.  Rio's summary is excellent, as is Manchester81's reply.  I've spoken to the owner in the past about the signage, and it is much improved this year over previous.  There's now a large map at the top of each lift, so it's easier to get around than previously; also the groomed runs are all labeled.  I'd still keep a trail map in your coat pocket for the first trip here. 

They've tweaked the ratings on a few runs over the last two-three years.  There was a blue run (Buffalo Ridge) that fed you onto Granite mountain such that the only way down from there was blacks or double blacks.  It's now been uprated to a black to avoid trapping tourists at the tops of runs they might not be able to negociate.  And a brief de-rating of Booty's Run (formerly Short Squaw) from a double black to a single also led to a lot of heartaches for the ski patrol (rescuing advanced skiers) so it's back to double.  Get the latest map.

Something to consider if you drive here is to stay in Trail rather than Rossland.  It's literally a 10-minute drive from downtown Trail (which is where I'm typing this) to the hill.  The Best Western Terra Nova is more upscale and suitable for families with children; and the Ray-Lyn and Glenwood are regular motels at low cost.    
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Here's a nice video I saw on TGR that someone shot on Christmas day at Red......droollllll!  

I've been to Nelson and skied Whitewater which was a blast but now I've got to go back up and hit Red!!!
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Originally Posted by UGASkiDawg View Post

Here's a nice video I saw on TGR that someone shot on Christmas day at Red......droollllll!  

I've been to Nelson and skied Whitewater which was a blast but now I've got to go back up and hit Red!!!

nice is very strong understatement holy shit that rocked!!
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Red is all of that and a bag of chips!

It is one of those mountains that if you can ski it well you can ski anywhere.  Could be happy on that hill for a long time.  It is a good enough hill to produce a world champion; Nancy Greene. 

The winter melt can be an issue there, not that high an altitude.  Fog can be a problem as well as seen in that video.  Rossland is what Steamboat probably was 40 years ago, great vibe. 

In a word, GO.
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 Admittedly, I'm biased, but I've been to both Fernie and Kimberley (BC) this year with my kids for ski racing, and Red (our home hill) has got them beat in terms of volume of soft snow.  There's NO snowmaking, so whatever Ullr sends is what we ski on...and what the nice men on the Pisten Bullys groom up every night.  

Word of caution: a lot of runs are black diamonds or double blacks, to the tune of about 50% of the area of hill.  Another 35-40% or so is blue and so intermediate skiers might be advised to buy a lower mountain only pass (about half price) for the first day.  Again with the Kimberly/Fernie (and Panorama/Big White which I also am going back to for races this year)  comparison....those other hills have some runs marked black that would be blues at Red.  Not trying to scare anyone see 8 and 9 years olds on the back side of Granite (double black country) but remember those are kids who skied the same year they could first walk.  

The free "Snow Host" service is highly recommended, if only to have the experience of skiing with an 84-year old who'll take you literally anywhere on the hill.
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 I should have watched Jeff's video before my last post!

FYI in the video the skiing in the trees is on a double black, the skiing in the open where you can see the lift is on single black. All the rocks you see in the video have long since been covered by fresh stuff.

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An example of Powderfields (a single black diamond run) after a typical dump of snow. Awesome is an understatement.
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 Damn that looked fun.
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