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Flex Rating on Atomic Boots

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I recently purchase a pair of 2008/2009 Atomic Hawx H-80 boots for skiing this year. I am an advanced intermediate skier who skies both on and off piste. I have been reading that someone of my skill level should be skiing a higher flex, but I also know that flex is brand specific. The boot fitter I went to said that boot would fit my ability and it fit the best of the three that I tried on. Now I'm beginning to wonder if I should be getting a higher flex on the boots? Since I already purchased them I likely won't be getting new ones this year, but was wondering how much effect a lower flex has on how I ski
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How aggressive are you? i.e. ski fast, ski steeps, don't mind hiking to get the secret stash?
How tall are you and how much do you weigh?
What ski do you use?
How much range of motion do you have in your ankle joint?
How often do you ski?

Is the H80 the boot for you?  who knows?  I can give you my opinion of who this boot is geared for.

A lower/softer flex tends to be slower transferring energy to the ski.  The H80 is fairly soft.  IMHO it is a good boot for one who only skis a week or two a year in sunny weather on groomed runs.  Or for the person who skis often for the purpose of getting to the Bavarian for a liter mug of Optimator and some schnitzle on the 3 hr lunch.  This person is not shredding the 'nar.  If you need a fast response from your skis because anything less will get you into trouble then a stiffer boot is in order.  Also, softer boots tend to have a more cush fit for the person who is concerned more with comfort than performance.  

Of course there are those who have done all the shredding they handle and prefer a softer flex for recreational skiing and nothing more.  These people usually get that very long awaited FREE pass.
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I'm moderately aggressive I do ski black runs and am planning on doing that more this year although most of my "aggressive" stuff is done on piste and on the east coast so not extremely steep bowls or anything of that nature. In terms of speed I like to go fast, especially on groomers. I usually straight line the whole mountain in PA (about 950 vertical feet on intermediate to advanced) and like to get speed up north.
I'm 6 foot 180 lbs
I use a 177 cm K2 Apache Crossfire
I have a pretty good range of motion (I'm only 16 so my ankles are yet to be destroyed)
I ski a week in New Hampshire each winter and this year I'm hoping to ski some more but overall no more that 15 days per year, and some of that will be in PA with limited aggressive trails available.
I prefer to ski the side country stuff if I'm on a green trail or a moderate to easy blue run, but I tend to ski the groomed trails regardless of weather when I get to the steeper runs. I also have started to try glade skiing, but if I ski glades it isn't likely that it is going to be anything extremely steep.
The guy that fitted them recommended them for what I just described and I would consider him decently knowledgeable, but after reading things on here I started to question that, so I wanted to get some other opinions on the boot. Also how much of a difference is there going to be in say the worst stuff I ski (moderately hard glades)
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16, 6' and 180lbs Holy Smokes!  I was 5' 7" and 150lbs when I was 16.  So a that height and weight I would be looking for a 100 flex at least.  A couple factors besides being SO BIG is that you are out east and skiing FIRM groomers mostly but at speed.  A stiffer boot will give you better edge bite and edge control on the "packed powder" snow so often encountered on that side of the Mississippi.  I know, I've been there!
You have a long lever arm ((think tibia length) 34 inseam i'm guessing) and if the range of motion in your ankle joint is as you say, you may wind up crushing the H80 just to get enough tip pressure to turn.
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Thanks, I haven't picked the boots up from the shop yet, I bought them at a different shop (but same company) than I normally get them from, but the shop I'm picking them up from is my usual shop. Maybe they will let me change boots.
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How much of an effect will that being to soft be, is it going to be relatively minor or make my skis unskiable?
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Just quickly having too soft a boot will not make your skis unskiable, for the most part ever.  It is just part of the equation.  But Taos pretty much said the effect is major and he is correct.  That boot is soooooffffffffftttttttttt for your height and weight.  I fit 10 year old kids in 70s and by the time they are 11 or 12 they've moved onto 90s.  I'm guessing you didn't weight 180 when 12.

ditch the boots and move on.

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They're brand new I got fitted for them on Saturday, I'll be talking with my ski shop when they get in from the other shop.
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