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Point me in the right direction Nov 18-22

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I know its early but that weekend is our only window to get a few turns in before our Xmas family trip to Snowmass.......

Anywhere USA works for us as long as there are enough open runs to make the trip enjoyable........ 

We don't expect much - but 20 open runs would be nice.......

Will book flights last minute......


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Wow, that's not far off. Anywhere USA? I guess you're coming from an area where there is no chance for local skiing at that time?? It would be difficult for me to cross the country for 10-20 trails. Anywhoo, Loveland has two lifts open including Chair 6 with about 1100" vert. Nearby A-Basin also has one chair open. Oddly, two southern CA ski areas are open. Parts of Western Canada have a lot of snow already. There's a paragraph near the end of this report that gives current status of open North American ski areas:



Another idea: sneak out to Snowmass a few days before the rest of the gang?
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triplenet. I know you realize Nov18-22 is really early in the ski season. There in Summit County Colorado we have enjoyed the WROD at A-basin and Loveland since early October. Keystone and Copper open Nov 6th. Breckenridge Nov 12th. Vail 19th. BC the 26th. All with a very very small number of runs open and very large number of skiers overloading the slopes (ROLLERBALL) and long waits in the lift lines. It still beats staying home, but do not expect vast open skiing spaces or great conditions. Other areas of the country may offer more. Good luck and enjoy.
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I'm kind of looking at that weekend too. I'm not really into Summit County, unless I have no other choice. 
Depending on were your coming from and how many flights you want to endure, keep an eye on Wolf Creek and Grand Targhee. 

Drop me a pm when your in Aspen and we will try to get a run in. 
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Don't get your hopes up from the reports of a big storm that hit Colorado.  It did, but east of the Continental Divide.  The Summit County ski areas (Keystone, Breck and A-Basin) got little. 
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We are from Miami..So there is absolutely no chance for snow in the forecast  Its 90 degrees today and the girls are all in bikinis

Had some November luck at Breck and then Tremblant a few years ago......  I hear Wolf Creek may be 50% open tomorrow.... although that would be a hike for us......  Targhee would be nice.....

I will keep an eye out and listen to you guys......

Thanks guys

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I assume you take ski trips in January, February, March and April.   If you don't you should not be flying to a ski resort in November vs. one of those months.

Seriously, May at Mammoth, Bachelor or Snowbird is more worthwhile skiing than a commitment to Thanksgiving or earlier now.
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