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Are We There Yet?

If you're planning a family ski vacation this year, you can share your itinerary with others doing the same in Trip Plans for 2010. You'll also want to check out How to Plan a Family Ski Vacation by DC's favorite blogger jamesj, who advises, "Large crowds, either on the highway or on the slopes, are the number one downer for family ski trips. Most kids under the age of ten won’t be requiring crazy nightlife, nor will they care if the vertical drop of an area is 500 or 2,500 feet. In fact, they’re far more likely to enjoy an empty 500 foot hill than a mad scene at a bigger mountain." 

Who's Got the Goods?

NYSkier55 wants to know Who's Getting Out: "Ok here is your chance to torture those of us who are stuck behind desks and even more so those of us who are not fortunate enough to live in Colorado, Utah or Wyoming." Roadrash tells us it's Nukin' at Monarch, and stevesmith7 shares this photo from Monument, CO:

mudfoot tells us, "Wolf Creek opens with 50% of their terrain on Halloween.  Their base is all natural snow with 20" on top and 18" midway.  More is expected today and tonight.  A few folks have been backcountry skiing above Silverton, but it is rather sketchy and confined to very small areas." Some of the ski areas that opened on or before Halloween include Arapahoe Basin, Loveland, and Wolf Creek in Colorado, Mammoth in California, and Sunday River in Maine.

The Consensus on Cool

Are Your Skis "Cool"? asks crgildart, "Should it matter to me what the skis look like as long as I can still rip pretty well on them?" Slider said, "Who cares what's on your feet, focus on being a wicked smooth skier. That's cool. I ski on narrow race ski 90% of the time in Cascade Concrete, cause that's what I like." MojoMan's response sounded a similar chord, "To me, I think what is really un-cool is not an older pair of skis or dated graphics, but when I see people on a pair of 'cool' looking skis that they have no idea how to use." pwdrhnd quipped, "I agree with slider. The only time I notice what someone is skiing on is in the lift line. I do notice really smooth skiers on the slopes, however. Especially if she looks good in Spandex." Moderator Philpug, in this photo taken at Stowe on Goat, proclaims: "Mine are cooler, they are simply called The Ski." He admitted it was crazy to ski that run on 30+ year old skis and bindings without brakes (with "safety straps").