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Hi Everyone-

I skied 60+ days in college…..unfortunately life sometimes take you away from the things you love. After a three year hiatus, I am looking forward to the upcoming ski season. I will be starting fresh with all new stuff for the season; I would appreciate any advice or direction.
I am 6’2” & an athletic 236 lbs. I live & will ski mainly at CO resorts this year, with a focus of 60/40 off piste to groomers. I will have some catching up to do, but would put myself in the intermediate to advanced neighborhood. I am looking for that one all mountain quiver that will give me everything. I do not ski in the park and do not have any aspirations to get this body airborne anymore.  I have been trying on boots for the last week and like the Salomon Impact 10 CS. What do people think of this boot?

I have read all the ski reviews and my list includes the Mantra, Snoop, Lord, Shogun and Gotama. What suggestions do you have for the best CO resort ski? Am I missing any, there are so many great ones out there right now.
Thanks for your time, Brett    
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I have skied all the skis on you list. Based upon my own impressions, I would scratch the Lord b/c it's not quite enough ski for your size, and scratch the Gotama b/c it's a little too focused on 3D snow. (assuming that you mean the 2010). All the other three could be a fit for you depending upon your preferences. The Shogun and the Snoop are really sweet skis and about medium in the flex/aggressiveness range. The Mantra is very popular among some skiers but it is very low on my personal list as it is not very good in soft snow b/c it is too stiff.

And as you say, there are literally a dozen or so other great choices as well with none really being dramatically "better" than the others. Here is a review that I wrote last year comparing the '09 Blizzard Answer to my old favorite the 2008 Gotama.


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Look at the reply I left in this thread: http://www.epicski.com/forum/thread/87250/what-ski-for-me-bigger-guy-advanced-powder-lover
I made him aware of some 184 2010 Legend Pros, NIB, for $400. Those would be great for you too.
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