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GS skis for wife

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I just bought a pair of Rossignol Radical RX Race I-Box junior (2008 model,150cm) for my wife. She is intermediate moving to advanced skier. Would it be good idea to mount bindings one hole forward from neutral position for easier turn initiation?
I'm new to ladies skiing stuff - good advice is needed.
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Would mounting bindings forward (to help ladies turn easier) work with every ski?
Help me please.
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Yes... moveing them forward a bit will help.  I mount most of my skis @+1 due to my lower wt & tiny feet. 
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Strangely enough, not all women are the same, thus not all women benefit from moving the bindings forward.

If your wife has small feet (BSL 290 or less), then 1 cm forward is a good start just because the shorter BSL puts her farther back on the ski automatically.

However, moving binding forward CAN move the skier forward of the natural waist of the ski making them feel hooky, squirrelly, and unpredictable. I'm not familiar with that particular ski, but 1 cm forward probably won't hurt in this application, although I'm puzzled by why you'd get an intermediate skier a high-end full bore (although jr) race ski???
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If you haven't purchased bindings, I would look for a binding system that mounts the bindings on a plate, rail or similar system that allows you to move the bindings relative to the mid-point without having to re-mount them if the chosen position isn't appropriate.  A binding with this type of capability is the Tyrolia FreeFlex, although it offers only 3 different positions. I am sure that there are similar systems from other manufacturers.

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Kneissls would be good, just get the cigarette right.

Sorry if you've seen this, I stole it fron the retro thread and can't resist.
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Nice!  However, it looks like most of the skis in the rack are Fischers.  We folks at Kneissl are decidely non-smoking!!

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the ibox is the plate which is pre-drilled with multiple mounting choices.

the op's wants to know if it would help to move the mounting position forward.

since the plate has the option of changing toe placement, why don't you have your wife try going further forward, further back, and where recommended. then you can report back to this forum what you discovered. have her decide where the ski works best.

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