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Looking for Beta: Head Freeride Skis

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I am looking to get beta on the Head lineup for this year.  I live in Summit County CO and see quite a few different conditions throughout the year.  I am currently looking for some info on what ski selection would work best for me, and to get feedback in general from the head lineup.

I work in a ski shop for the winter and last year had access to a large demo fleet.  This year we have some new lineups in our fleet.  I don't have any access to Head ski's,  I did last year have a pool of Armada, Salomon, Rossi, and K2.  The type of ski in particular that stood out of these brands was the Salomon Gun.  I loved its response in mid deep powder, and its performance in the trees blew anything away.  I also was a big fan of the K2 Explorer in moderate powder to any sort of crud busting.

I already have the ar6 and recon in my quiver, so I'm looking for that all around freeride ski that will handle the steep powder bumps, tree skiing, and deep powder flats that I need some lift to get through. I would like to add either the Jimi 110 or Joe 105 to my bag, and I'm wondering if anyone out there has tried them and can make some comparisons for me.

Particularly I'm looking for how the rocker is on the Jimi 110, or is it just a full out reverse camber?
Are either a responsive ski for tree conditions or soft bumps?

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Here are the dimensions of the three skis you mentioned:

Salomon Gun is 135-99-125 with a 20.4m turn radius in the 181cm length.

Head Joe 105 is 130-104-121 with 32.1m turn radius in the 181cm length.

Head Jimi 110 is 130-11-120 with a 32.0m turn radius in the 181cm length.

One observation is that the Gun has a turnier sidecut, but I know from experience that both the Joe 105 and the Jimi 110 are pretty easy to turn in soft snow.  I've skied the Joe 105 a lot and like it a great deal.  I've skied the Jimi 110 a little bit and liked it quite a bit even though the conditions were hardpack and set-up crud rather than soft snow where the mild rocker should shine.

The Jimi 110 has a mild rocker near the front of the ski and is not a full reverse camber.  I think the big question between the Jimi and the Joe is whether you feel you want/need the mild rocker on the Jimi.  I know from lots of experience that the Joe 105 (which is the same ski as the predecessor Mojo 105) is a really, really good ski for powder, crud, soft snow, trees, etc. 

I'll be skiing the Jimi 110 this winter, so I'll have a much better feel for how I like it after I've spent a few powder days on it.
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