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 Well, if this gives you a better idea, check out my review of the Head Mojo 90s from a few years ago:

I am 6'1" 210lbs.  I can ski anything.  I will be keeping my head mojos (and wishing they were not as wide) for the more packed days, and for the rocky days.  When I can't find powder, I like mougles to keep me interested.  Im not much of a jibber, but I will go in the half pipe occasionally and hit a rail or a box every once in a while.  I love steep open powder (Aspen Highlands Bowl is probably my all time favorite.)  

At the same time, my home mountain right now is Durango Mountain Resort, which has incosistant snow, and where the powder is, the trees are, so I need to be able to turn!  Im not worried too much about this, however because I have taken my Atomic Powder Plusses which are 180cm and 115 underfoot with a straight edge cut, and kept up with my speedy ski buddies just fine through the powdery trees!  

Anyhow, I kind of want a do everything ski but oriented in the powdery steeps.  I want something stiffer then my Mojo 90s, and definatly wider.  I am considering:

09 Line Blend
09 Liberty Helix
08 Head Supermojo 103
09 Atomic Pimp
09Vokl Gotama

other suggestions (probably can't spend more then $500, if that..)