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Al Hobart Gorilla Turns Video

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I purchased this video earlier in th season out of curiosity and interest. I believe it was two years ago Al Hobart had a several page article in either Skiing or SKI magazine with Jeremy Nobis doing a lot of the drills and demonstrations for "gorilla turns".

I don't belive anybody has commented on this video.The gorilla turn looks very unorthodox , however when he breaks down World Cup race footage, the skiers are very definitely skiing in this manner. The gorilla turn starts with the skis shoulder width apart , with a bent waist , almost a squat position with the legs , and your butt sticking out. Doesn't appear to be a very athletic position, albeit extremely stable. The downhill ski is extended and placed on a very high edge angle.

In the training video, a recreational skier with approximately 1 year of skiing experience is taught the gorilla turn technique and runs GS and Slalom gates using the gorilla turn technique. Its amazing how quickly this skier learns and demonstrates very good racing technique.

I wondered if anybody else has had the opportunity to view the video and what they thought of the concepts being taught and demonstrated.
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This is a drill I devised myself many years ago (back in the days of straight skis) to give kids the sensation of getting their skis out from under their CM and achieving high edge angles. It worked amazingly well then, it still works well today. I gave a detailed description of my version of the drill last winter here on epic. I would recommend the exercise to anyone trying to learn lateral CM displacement.
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Hobart's website died about the spring of 99. I sent several e-mails and never got any response. It was never updated after that.
I've seen the video and thought most of it was kind of a hip back and in, park and ride thing. Like we used to use for "straight" skis.
Where is that thread? I'd like to take a look at it.
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Slatz, it was in my "WHAT MAKES BODIE FAST" thread. The specific post that describes the drill was Feb. 24, 2003, 3:19 PM. I'd provide the link here if I wasn't a computer moron and knew how. Maybe someone a bit more intelligent than I would do so for me.
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Here's the link Fastman was talking about:

What makes Bode fast?
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Verrrrrrrrrry interesting. Thanks.
That does sound like what I remember of the "Gorilla Turn".
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I got the video and some of the drills worked well for me, at least to get the feeling of the ski carving throughout the turn.

I was at a three day beginner race camp in December and asked the instructors what they thought. They sort of disparaged Hobart's drill but they didn't really give me much feedback as to why or what was wrong with his progression sequence. I understand that you can't be a racer by watching one video, but as a starting point, I found the tape (CD) to be very useful.
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If you are good enough to race, the gorilla turn won't provide any revelations. At that level you should already be able to understand the effect of high edge angles and the carving power of shaped skis.

But for less accomplished skiers the gorilla turn is a great way to demonstrate a carved turn (carved by the outside ski). Remember that the inside ski does not match the angles of the outside ski and hence an A-frame is developed in the gorilla turn.

The gorilla turn is an exercise. Teaching it to go through gates is ridiculous, unless you are somehow dealing with a racer who cannot carve a single turn (which is hopefully rare).
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I checked out Al's site this morning. It's been simplified and recently updated. Looked pretty good but I didn't have time to explore.
I had removed it from my bookmarks for the reasons mentioned earlier. I've added it again.
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