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Contact 4x4 Length Question

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I am 6'3 250lb athletic (former college linebacker) 37 yo, somewhere between level 7 and 8.  I have some head xrc 178, Blizzard Titan Argos in 186, and am looking to replace the heads.  I saw a good deal on good condition used Contact 4x4s 184 length.  Is that too long for me?
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coming from a 6'2 265lb athletic (current college football player) yo, 184 is by no means to long but u may be safer going just a little shorter but my no means to long.
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I have used the Contact 4x4 in both a 178 and a 172cm size. I was 245 lbs when I demoed these skis.

The 178cm is super beefy, I would not recommend the 184cm size. You would need a big mountain and a fair amount of speed to bring those to life.

I purchased the 172cm size, but I'm also 200 lbs today.

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This is a tough question, there seems to be a lot of different opinions on this ski. I'm 6'1, 208, and I own the 178. I probably could have gone with the 172. But the 178 comes up to roughly the bridge of my nose, and that's what I typically look for in an all mountain ski. Plus Peter Keelty from realskiers.com recommended the 178, and he is about my size. My guess is that, judging from your description, that the 184 would not be too long, but a lot of that boils down to personal preference. And there's no benefit to going longer than you have to. But I wouldn't buy the 184 just because it's a bargain. Last time I looked, there were plenty of last year's brand new leftover 4x4's w/bindings floating around in the $450-500 range. At that price, it doesn't make much sense to buy used, unless you are really getting a great deal.
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184 is perfrect for you. 

I am 6'0 210 and don't believe the 4x4 is even remotely a beefy ski.  I find it to a great, friendly all mountain ski.  medium round flex.  Good at everything on little/no snow days.  Excellent carver. By no means a powder or crud ski IMO.  I found the 178 felt small, but this translated into very quick, nice short turn radius and great in the bumps.  The 184 was more my comfort level and turn preference, the added length gave kept it more stability at high speeds.  Perfect fit for you.  
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