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rossignol race gold ski boots

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Hey I am a new racer just started out this year. I have been skiing all my life but just decided to join the University of Maine's ski team this year.  I was wondering if these are good boots for racing http://www.skis.com/race-ski-boots/c454/rossignol-race-gold-race-ski-boots-p159224.html these are the rossignol race gold boots.  I am about 5' 10" and weigh 150 Any input will help, thanks
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First, 90/100 is not an adult racing flex it is a junior flex. Second that is either an '05 or '06 boot and Rossi/Lange did not use numeric flex ratings for adult race boots at that time. Third, among adult race boots from Rossi/Lange, the appropriate flex for your weight would be ZB or ZC depending on your ability. Keep in mind that R/L does not use the numeric flex scale. For example; you could get a Lange WC 150 (150 is the model not the flex) in anything from ZA-ZB-ZC-ZI (roughly 130-160) but the decal on the boot will say 150 on all of them.

I think that you should contact the seller and ask if the flex is ZA, ZB, ZC, ZI or a combination flex. If you don't get an answer that makes sense, then you should get your boots from someone who knows race gear.

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do you have any suggestions of a good boot
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Originally Posted by laneg4141 View Post

do you have any suggestions of a good boot



A Lange Rossi in a ZB-ZC flex
A Nordica/Tecnica in a 130-150
A Head in the same flex range
An Atomic ditto
Maybe even a Fischer

Etc....depending on what properly fits your foot shape.

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What size foot do you have?  I have a Rossi Elite Pro in 27.5 (9.5) I have used for two seasons that I am considering selling (cheap) shortly.  Depending on your skiing abilty, these may work for you at less than half the price of those softer boots.  However, keep in mind that the rossi footbed is narrower than others so make certain your foot would "enjoy" the rossi shells.

NOTE: The ones I have are the Elite Pro 3 (They are black with gold/red accents) and right now they are destine for my 13 year old but I am "toying" with putting them on eBay because they are really too stiff for him (He's 5''7" but only weighs 130lbs)
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I have a size 8.5 to 9 foot so i think those would be to big, would a lange worldcup 120 wc work or does it have to be ZB-ZC and just to let you all know this will not only be my race boot but my boot for times i am freeskiing.  I am worried about it being to stiff and uncomfortable to ski on all day, is this the case
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The 120 flex might work. As far as the boot itself, it would depend on which WC 120. The older versions with the removeable toe and heel lugs were not exactly Lange's best effort. The newer ones with the 1 pc boot sole are fine. It's time to find a shop that stocks a variety of race boots and a bootfitter so you can find out what fits your foot.

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if it fits YOU then it is a great boot.

fit is key, flex is second,  best to try A BUNCH of boots on and see what works best.

Do you have boots right now?  will they work?  (do you know for sure?)


the marketing "race" usually just means stiff and narrow, but any boots that fits can be used for any/all terrain.  The skis are terrain specific, the boots are for you

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