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late season ski type

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I am a larger advanced skiier and am looking to purchase this season a ski that is better suited to the soft stuff that is around the NE later on in the year.  I have a pair of atomic SX:9 which i use mostly on the groomers and tend to demo the newer skis when the conditions are fresh or crud.  A few years back i used a pair of 1080s that where nice in the soft stuff late in the season.  Does anyone know of any newer models that are out there.  Thanks
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(A)...Larger than what/who?
(B)...Replace the SX 9 or supplement?
(C)...If the answer is replace, the answer is fairly easy.
(D)...If the answer is supplement, do you care about hard snow performance from this choice?

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(A)- I am 6'1" about 270lbs
(B)- Supplement.  I like the SX:9's for the groomers
(C)- See Answer to B
(D)- I would only use the ski in late season in the north east say around March or April when the slopes areound here are soft and get bumped up quickly


Thanks for You reply.

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OK. Since you have not mentioned powder skiing I assume that is not much on your agenda so a wide ski is not necessary. If the Sollie 1080 was a good fit for you, then you don't need a particularly stiff ski despite your weight. The Dynastar Distorter/Spin immediately come to mind as fairly firm twins that can handle a lot of different conditions well. The two skis are very similar except that the Spin has a youth oriented graphic and extra reinforcement under the foot and is marketed more as a park/AM ski. The Distorter has a conservative graphic and is marketed as a AM/park ski.

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