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Academy: Brighton Perspective

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It was a pleasure to have the Epic Academy at Brighton. We, at Brighton, were especially thrilled that Bob B and Weems stayed an extra day to take 24 instructors out for a morning clinic. It was above and beyond the call of duty. Thank you.

Personally, I learned some things I'll be working on all season (and longer) from Weems in the hour and a half he spent with us.

I enjoyed talking with Bob and Tom at Molly Green's following our clinic. You guys really know how to talk skiing! No stone unturned... I imagine if I didn't have to go back to work, I'd still be there.

I hope Epic skiers consider Brighton again for the Academy. It's a very exciting event and it appeared participants thoroughly enjoyed it all week long. Besides that, your leaving last weekend must have been the ultimate sacrifice that brought us 2' of snow in the last 4 days! Thanks for that too. -Mary
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Mary, we LOVE your mountain! Thanks for having us!
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Mary, welcome to EpicSki!

We had a lot of fun at Brighton, it is a great montain with terrific people. Thank you!
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Hi Mary,

Welcome to Epicski..

I got a chance to talk to Carolyn while I was trying to figure out where the Epicski coaches were early Sunday Morning and wish I had a chance to ski with you and the other instructors but my week was already booked for the week while I was visiting UT with my family. Judging from all the great feedback I and my experience there on the hill I would be delighted if we could do business with you again. We shall see.

PS, my family loved the mountain as well!
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Mary, I love Brighton! If another EpicSki Academy is there, I'll be there too. If another EpicSki Academy is NOT there, I'll go back to Brighton anyway. Thank you, and everyone at your resort, for hosting this first-of-it-kind event.

Welcome to EpicSki! Stay with us, you'll have a great time, and we'll benefit from your posts.

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Welcome to EpicSki, we are proud to have you in the family. Brighton is an awesome mountain and I have to second Oboe's opinion. I will be there again! You should be proud of your instructors' desire to learn, that love and passion comes only form you.

I too found our conversation enjoyable and educational. It was interesting to compare the differences in how the two divisions approach instructor training.
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Thanks you all for the compliments about Brighton. I think Brighton's GREAT, but I'm pretty bias. I only wish you could have experienced a more "normal" January. It turns out that it was the driest on record, and second warmest. I've never seen so little snow by late Jan. in my 23 years here. Oh well, fortunately skiing was still quite good (at least on the groomed.)

I'm only beginning to explore this site. It's very interesting to me. I forwarded the site to the instructors on staff who ski. Many have already thanked me. Perhaps you'll see a little Brighton presence in these forums in the future. I intend to check-in as often as possible.

Though Academy participants missed the snow (except for the 10" on Tues.) you didn't miss the cold. It was -5 this morning at Brighton.
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Brighton was great. I'll take your low snow years over Western PA.'s average any time. All your terrain was covered and open, what more could we expect? The trees on Hard Coin were sweet and steep. I'm still waiting for enough snow to cover the dead fall on my secret stash on my home hill.

Skiing with Carolyn was an added bonus. My group was lucky to have 4 great pros that day. The entire staff at Brighton was exceptional and made the stay even more pleasurable. I'll vote to return next year.

Thanks for your hospitality. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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I can just imagine what the skiing is like on the Great Western terrain when the snow is deep.

Mary, I hope you enjoyed it on our behalf!
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Welcome to EpicSki Mary--Thanks for joining us!

I too thought Brighton was an excellent place for our event. It has excellent varied terrain, combined with the intimacy usually only found at smaller resorts. And it has geat people! We all felt very welcome there. Thank you!

The snow was very good, for the worst January on record! What a change, though, to below zero temperatures and two feet of new snow! Winter has returned to Colorado, too, but the best snowfalls have been about half of what you got. Still--no complaints!

Have a great end of the season, Mary! I look forward to skiing with you and Carolyn and your crew again sometime. I hope you'll become a regular here at EpicSki, but I'll warn you--it can be time consuming! Enjoy....

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Brighton rocks. So does Mary. So does her school.

Glad you got snow, and thanks for inviting Bob and I. We really enjoyed your group.

Best to Carolyn. (Mary's head trainer.)
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