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K2 Apache Crossfire

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I just got a new pair of 2009 K2 Apache Crossfire skis and was wondering if anyone here had skied them last year and what their take on the skis were.
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The Crossfire is designed for people that really ski more groomed snow. I skied them last year at a demo and thought the ski was fantastic on the hard snow. More like a classic GS race ski with a huge sweet spot. I skied them in a 177 and they were fairly quick and when you load the ski it has a bunch of POP. If I spent most of the time skiing in Sun Valley this would be the perfect ski.......long hard groomers and need for speed.
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 08-09 or 09-10? The 09-10 Crossfire was the surprise of the ski tests for me last year. Cruddog says it well. It will be a good PA ski, especially now that it is 74mm underfoot. Last years is still nice at 70mm underfoot, but this years is nicer. 
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I own a pair of the 07-08 174cm  Crossfires(70mm;new sidewall construction){the same as your 08-09 with slight cosmetic change} and have skied them several times(once at Sun Valley.) They are great skis for a variety of hard pack to crud/junk to boot top pow if you are an advanced skier. The vertical sidewalls on these newer skis lend greater edge on hard stuff but not as good on ice as some others. However, compared to most skis the 65-80mm waist range they are very versatile and enjoyable.
The 74mm waisted model(09-10) skis very well, so do the ones you own; the price difference compared to last years would not be worth it. If sized right, for your ability and size, you will find them to be a very good ski.
I will be parting company with mine, as I do with most, every season, in search of the "Holy Grail."
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Well I ski the east so not getting a whole lot of powder, which is why I got the Crossfire instead of the Xplorer model.
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I ski the 06/07 Crossfire.  Great typical PA conditions ski. 
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Originally Posted by RootDKJ View Post

I ski the 06/07 Crossfire.  Great typical PA conditions ski. 

I heard the 08/09 had made significant changes in the ski design, is that true or just a rumor?
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i have the 2009 crossfires and talk about a amzing ski.. i weigh 135 to 140 at a hieght of 6 foot and have them in a 177(yes i no the skis are to long but like it that way) and the are a very smooth riding ski the softer shovles make starting your carve very easy compared to a stiffer ski..but dont get me wrong this ski s not some soft slouch because as soon as you get the middle part of the ski the ski stiffens up quit a bit .. the ski make great easy carves and hold great edges on ice and always want to go faster.. i would recomend these for any one that is a intermidate skier looking to improve there skiing ability to advanced or also an advanced skier that likes going fast and making lovly carves with out working for it 


hope u like them as much i am



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