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Stratton or Mt. Snow Dec. 26-28, Recommend a place to stay?

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I'm in CO and going to visit some family in MA for about a week after Christmas.   My brother and I were thinking of taking a few runs at Stratton or Mt. Snow from Dec. 26-28.  
We have 4 adults and 4 kids.  Dates aren't flexible as my Brother only has custody of his kids the above dates.

I was looking around online and places seem outrageous, or they won't take less then 3 nights.  Anyone know of a decent place to stay near these resorts?

Also.. Anything we should look out for for deals on tickets?   I have a Copper Mountain Pass (Intrawest).  Supposedly that will save us like $25 at Stratton.  Not sure about Mt. Snow.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Well, at that time both will be pretty crowded.  My son and I often ski in VT for a couple of days right around then.  We used to stay at a cozy place called the Stone Hearth Inn in Chester.  It's about halfway between Stratton and Okemo, closest to Magic.  In recent years we have either trekked all the way up to Jay Peak or just done day trips to northern MA or Southern VT.
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I don't know if this will help but if you stay at Stratton and book by Oct 30th, it is 10, 20 or 30% (Holiday, weekend, midweek) off. I booked 4 nights in a 2 brm condo there for mid week in early December.  I don't think you'll get the same rates (154/night) for the dates you want since I believe you are looking at holiday rates.

You could always get two studio condos or have one family stay at the hotel and the other in the condo and share the kitchen.

The hotels seemed a little less but the condos have the kitchen.  We decided to spend more on the room to save us from the gouging of eating at a resort.  Stayed on site so we don't have to bother with loading and unloading everyday.  The is also a pool for the kids.  In the mornings I walk no further than I would if I drove and parked at any large ski resort.

You need to consider the convenience of being on the mountain against the time, fuel and logistics of not.  For me it was cheaper.

Good luck,
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I tried calling Stratton.   Told him I was coming from out of town to the area.  The guy in charge of their lodging was a real jerk.   He acted insulted that I would even ask for lodging for less then 3 nights.   He said they only do hotels for a minimum of 3 nights or condos for a minimum of 5 nights.    I asked him if he could recommend any off mountain places if we needed 2 nights and he proceeded to pretty much tell me to F off.....  Pretty rude...  I even asked about when it gets closer to the holiday if they have any openings and he said that I shouldn't bother looking.

I was kind of surprised at how much of a jerk he was given the economy and everything.  I guess Stratton doesn't need visitors.
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We ended up booking a place near Mt. Snow.  The Kitzhof.  Cheap..hopefully not too bad...
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" I guess Stratton doesn't need visitors."

I've talked to Stratton at least three times on the phone and they've never even come close to being like that!  The complete opposite has been my experience.  Hope all works out for you.
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In my opinion... Mount snow doesn't have great downhill but great terrain parks and Stratton is a mix of both... Have fun!
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That's ok.   I've skied Stratton.  In fact I worked there back in the 80s and my Family used to have a house on the mountain.   It's just been a while (18 years) since I've been there.

I'm not expecting the skiing at either place to be that remarkable coming from CO.   Mostly just to hang out with family on the slopes.  
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[quote]Originally Posted by mogulman1 View Post

I was kind of surprised at how much of a jerk he was given the economy and everything.  I guess Stratton doesn't need visitors.[/quote]

The guy was a jerk for sure but your pretty naive if your not aware that the holiday period is the busiest time of the ski season so they don't exactly need visitors and lodging prices and minimum stays go up, way up. Before the economy went sour many resorts both in the east and the west required 7 nights during the xmas holiday season.

There are less cancellations as the penalties are severe for holiday bookings but your question about checking availibility right before the holiday period is a good one. A week before many resorts drop restrictions as they do not want to risk having empty rooms or condos during that time.

You'll have fun at Mt Snow and if you still want to ski at Flatton it's an easy drive from Mt Snow. If you have any park rats in your group Mt Snow has turned Corinthia into one big freeride park. They don't have much to work with at Mt Snow but the new owners, Peaks Resorts, they also bought Attitash in the deal, are getting rave reviews from Mt Snow regulars.

Like you said It's all about getting together with the family but I hope we get a nice dump right before the holidays would be a nice xmas present as the weather last year was horrific. 55F around xmas with rain and then ice station zebra on New Years. .
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As was said, that is a busy and expensive time in Vermont.  With your Intrawest pass, I would go to Stratton.  Condos are pricey in the East, so consider hotels and motels a bit off the mountain.  Manchester has quite a few and it's a short drive to Stratton from there. 
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I'd say you made the right choice. Mt. Snow has some new killer snowmaking equipment and the early season conditions there last year were great. I skied Stratton once and hated the vibe of the place and the purpose-built village. In contrast, Wilmington is a really cute little town that doesn't feel fake.

I haven't stayed at the Kitzhof, but it's in a great location for the mountain. Let us know how it is.
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 Good choice KItzhof ,rooms are clean,but I believe Strattons trials are more changlengeing, Mt Snows  people are rude, lots of inexperianced people, Stratton got class. The Inn at Stratton mtn, is a nice place 
shuttle service 
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Kitzhof was actually great.  Much better than we expected.   Kind of like a big bed and breakfast...
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