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Is this Boot too Soft ?

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My 25 year old son( 5'10, 180lb, level 6 (maybe) ) is getting into skiing more seriously and needs new boots. He's not a speed hound or an aggressive skier - going down the easier blacks here is enough for him right now.

He's tried on boots locally (NOT at bootdoctor !) and was recommended the Rossi Exalt X8, which he found comfortable (at least in walking round the shop).  I know he's an intermediate  and needs fairly flexible boots, but I was concerned that these boots (stated flex 40-50 according to specs) would be too soft.

So I guess my question is what range of flexes should he be looking at ?

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Can't say for certain with out seeing what is going on with his foot/ankle/legs etc. However, boots that are rated that low in flex index are generally very low end, super high volume, overly cush boots. I would stay away. Go to a good boot shop. Boot Doctors is right there for you.
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It is interesting that I've seen some 40/50 flex boots that are so poorly designed they flex like a 130.  But that is really just an aside.  JDoyal is right that they will be poor substitutes for real boots.  There probably is not a boot in that category that is worth considering for even 1 minute at any price.

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odds are that boot is too soft for 180 pounds, and too big volume (for almost anyone) and also that he will be buying them 1-3 sizes too big.

really not worth it usually.

buy the right boot once.  Most boot fitters dont charge for the work, and have last years on sale, and charge just normal retail prices.
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You all seem to be saying that the boots were comfortable because they were as soft as a carpet slipper, not because they fitted properly.

So would I be right in assuming that what he needs is a well fitting boot (i.e. go to Boot Doctor) and look for a flex around 80 ?
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 Yes, go to a fitter, let the fitter worry about flex.
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yes, that is what the boys are saying.

yes, go to the boot doctor

look for a flex no less than 100, especially if you want your son to improve his skiing.

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Thanks for the advice; it's greatly appreciated.

We'll go there this weekend.

This thread made me realize $35 is a good deal for access to this type of expertise, so I coughed up for membership.
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Nice, thank you very much.  One last thing.  Understand there is no relationship between comfort in the shop and boot stiffnes.  The boots probably were not comfortable because they were soft, probably they were comfortable because they were big as your house and I assume you live in a mansion.

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The folks at the Boot Doctors are very nice. And they would likely be sympathetic to economic issues. Especially for a local math teacher! I bet if you ask, they would try to find some shells from last season.

They also may bring inventory to the Ski Swap in Santa Fe, so it would be a good idea to go before they ship their left overs down there or at least call them and find out about that.
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you can also PM taoscowboy (aka Charles Bradley) of Boot Doctors who is on our Ask The Boot Guys expert panel.  I'm sure he can get you set up.

Thanks for supporting EpicSki. Its much appreciated.
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