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Affordable Vail lodging

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Spent a week in Park City last year and loved it.  Housing was very affordable at under 2k/week for a 3br townhouse at the base of the canyons.  I'm looking into going to Vail this year and everything I'm finding on VRBO is very expensive!  Does anybody have any suggestions for where to stay? Or is Vail just that much more expensive?  Thanks!
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Originally Posted by nestafaria View Post

 Does anybody have any suggestions for where to stay? Or is Vail just that much more expensive? 

The answer is question "B". 

Your best bet may be to try to search for package deals.  If there are deals to be had in the Vail Valley in your price range, that's where I think you would find them.
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I rented 2 condos for the week of January 23-29 in Vail through VRBO and was able to negotiate with both of them for lower rates due to early booking. The condos are on the bus route and look very nice. PM me if you would like the details - the owners may cut you a deal if you are willing to book now.
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Thanks, PM Sent!
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Maybe condo in Avon 10 miles away but at the base of Beaver Creek. My friend is a partner in 3 places (2 in Avon one in Beaver Creek village) the condo agency that rents them takes about 40% which contributies to the high rental costs.
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 Check out West and East Vail on VRBO.  The rates are a bit lower there and the buses run into Vail.  Still won't be as cheap as Park City tough.  It's that old supply and demand thang.
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Affordable and Vail don't belong in the same sentence. Not only will the lodging be more expensive, but so will everything else. How about $25 a day to park?
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 Check out Park Meadows in Vail.  It's far from fancy, but it is inexpensive (for Vail) and my buddy and I enjoyed staying there.  It is a pretty easy walk to the Cascade lift, so you miss out on the $25 parking fee.
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I feel as if Park Meadows is kind of my little secret, now blown here on the web. It's  the only place that I've found that is affordable enough to allow our visits to Vail. Not only is it a reasonable walk to Cascade lift, (though not with small kids,) but they offer free shuttle van service to/from Lionshead in the mornings and afternoons. Also make a few grocery runs during the week so you can forgo car rental should you so choose. Close enough to one of the bus lines so that you can get around as much as you wish.
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Thanks for all of the input, I will check out Park Meadows as well. 
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