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Fischer Wc RC vs Head i Speed

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With RD GS skis now at 27m turn radius, I am looking for a cheater GS ski for Masters racing. I have skied the RC and it;'s a great ski. Can anyone compare it to the Head i Speed. Keelty's review makes it sound like it (the i Speed) is a burlier ski. The dimensions on the skis are almost indentical. Any thoughts are appreciated.

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Hi, Hedgedskier.

I've skied the RC (in a 175cm, I believe) and I own a pair of 180cm iSpeeds.  I'm 6'1", 195# and I ski primarily at Jackson Hole.

I think the two compare very, very favorably.  I liked the RC a great deal and would probably own a pair if I weren't a rep for Head.

Comparing the two, I felt that the Fischer gives a tiny bit more feedback from the snow.  That may be partially due to the fact that a 175 length in that ski is probably a bit short for my weight, but that's the pair I had the opportunity to ski.  They felt "lively" and very easy to turn, but also still very stable at pretty high speeds.

The iSpeed has that classic, very damp "feel" that most of Head's sandwich skis have.  Some people (like me) really love that feel and others think it makes for a ski that feels dead.  I like it because the ski doesn't do anything unless I ask it to, and then it does everything I ask.  It feels incredibly smooth, easy to turn, but just glued to the snow (in a good way) when your speed starts creeping up there.

I don't suppose that demoing is any sort of an option?  If not, all I can tell you is that I liked the Fischer a whole lot.  I like the Head even better, but I'm expected to.  I honestly think you could flip a coin and be very happy with either ski.

Good luck with the choice.

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Your question reminded me of a very cool review that was done on EpicSki a year and a half ago by Samurai.  He lives in Japan and posts some great stuff about skiing over there. I thought at the time that it was one of the best descriptions of Head's "liquidmetal" technology I had ever read. 

You can find the full review here, but I cut and pasted the part that applied to the World Cup iSpeed.  Here it is:

The Head GS is dripping sap;

I didn't turn once when riding that^ liquid metal. I laid them on their edge a few times, but I pretty much just stood still and let them run and be be budged by nothing.

Here's the conclusion with Head; Liquid Metal is liquidy. Those skis feel like every millimeter of the running-surface is reaching out to the snow. I can't explain liquid metal outside the words Head chose. I really, severely want a rack of their race skis. I really noticed that construction. If you ski on piste, or own a ski for the piste, you should be ridng a liquid metal. Try them. They suck themselves to the snow like nothing I have ever ridden.

That's how *I* feel, but I can't say it that well. 
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+1 on Head and Liquidmetal and Intelligence technology!!
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 I haven't skied the Fischers, but I've been using the iSpeed for my cheater GS ski. Very happy with them.
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Thanks to all. I love Head skis and I do love the "damp" feel although I personally never find it lifeless. I know I can get a deal on last years Fischers so vs. the Heads it might be half the price. Assuming the same price I would buy the Heads. No matter, all of this has been helpful.
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Depending on how much racing you are going to be doing  (Far West Masters?)you may also want to consider some new old stock >21m GS skis or some of the new womens race stocks that are ~24m radius as opposed to the cheater versions.  I know some of the guys I train with went for the RCs but after they then tried the "real" >21 m gs they never went back to the RCs.   YMMV. 

Certainly going to become an issue for a lot of Masters racers as teh >27m skis are a significantly different beast when you are older/less skilled/less fit  etc like a lot of us.  The women's versions may become a key option where you can get them.  I'm hedging my bets this season with a pair of 27m Blizzards which may or may not see much use (super fast based on the 3 runs I had on them last year but quite a handful!) and a NOS Fischer 21m
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