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Tuning Tele Gear

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I picked up a set of K2 World Piste last season.  They are used but in pretty good shape.  I want to get them ready for the up coming season and got to thinking about edge angles.  Should I treat them any different than my alpine gear?  I seem to prefer a 1* base and 2* side bevel on most alpine skis.  Any there any reason I should tune my tele skis the same way?
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Could be just personal preference, laziness and an older beat pair of tele skis, but I 'appreciated' the extra grip I get using a 3° side edge bevel than the 2° on hardpack and definitely icier conditions. Also, due to the fact the contact length should be effectively increased netting less edge pressure per length along the edge than with alpine skis and telepine turns.
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I might have to give that a shot. 
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I tune all my skis (tele & alpine) the same, and have had no issues one way or the other.
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great riding pics.
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