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Hey Wacko

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I just want you to know that I had never heard of PTMS before I started reading at EpicSki. At first I was curious, having learned the PSIA way many years ago. But I have to tell you that your enthusiasm has been wasted on me. You have come across in such an offensive way that I have no desire to hear any more about it. Perhaps if you would have come on a little less like a bulldozer, you wouldn't have gotten every one on the defensive so quickly.

I'd bet if you went up on the hill and asked, most average skiers (not the fanatics like you find on ski specific boards) wouldn't know the difference between all of the teaching methods, they just want to learn how to ski.

Anyway, Paul, Wacko, whoever you are. Get a life and learn how to be a civil member of a community. It's not funny, it's boring.

That's my $.02 and the final words I have on the subject. No need to reply.
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That would be sis, not bro. Glad to see you've turned over a new leaf.
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i, for one, hope there's enough here to interest you to the point of at least considering a more amenable posting mode. (i'd hate for anyone to tell ME "how to post," so please don't take it like THAT.) you DO hang in and take the shots, which i respect, but maybe you'll decide it's at least a worthwhile place to visit. things get heated (sometimes yes, it goes too far) but there're enough folks here that are genuinely curious about varying methods of learning. your skin seems thick enough; maybe just think about a different approach to engaging. anyway, i'm glad ya came back for a second at-bat, my previous comments notwithstanding. and as i said before, i have NO DOUBT that anyone with desire and stacked-up ski days CAN make huge progress. which is why i'm so hungry for a genuine exchange of ideas and personal experience. (by the way, having read Harb's book(s), i, too, found great value and assistance in moving MY skiing up. same goes with my early experience with PSIA instruction. i guess i just never really stopped to consider which "school" i was in; it was enough that whichever school it was, was beneficial.

last, i'll repeat some questions i asked the first time you came around; namely...

i'm curious as to your personal experience re skiing moguls, for example, and deep powder, too, as you progressed. sticking points? revelations? ANYTHING. i believe you're a fine skier; but i doubt you were a fine skier your first days out. what were some breakthroughs? did you do any tweaking of technique on your own? i don't want ideology, i want memories of your learning curve. if you can/will, i thank you. <FONT size="1">

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BTW, skiminker's real first name is so beautiful and exotic that she can't post it here. All the guys would become obsessed with her!

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence
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Now Lisamarie.. that is just not fair. Now you have me wondering!
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Hey! Aren't you engaged?
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I think I know.
keep wondering guys.
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Ahhhhh Wacko you remind me of myself when I was younger (about 3 weeks ago). But I say keep up the good work, you've taught me some stuff about the PMTS when I didn't even know what it was before, and I agree with some of the problems you have with ski schools and the like. Plus you got the s*** stirred more than I did, and like me, all you were doing is offering your opinions. Don't be afraid to have different views than the major "players" on this board.
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I've been swamped with work (not epicski, the work I actually get paid for) and have not been watching the forums much lately and do not know what has been going on. However, I've recently received two wierd e-mails that made it clear that some anti-social behavior has indeed been going on (but since those e-mails assumed I've been watching the forum, they did not fill me on on what they were talking about!).

SO, I'll remind you all of the way things work here:

1. Play nice

2. Differing ideas are good

3. Personal attacks are bad

If I have to dig into this deeper, then I also will get pissed and when I get pissed, troublemakers get banned .

...and since LisaMarie brought it up, she's right about SkiMinker's name .
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So lets see some pics and the real name, I still have two sons, that haven't made any long term commitments, and they both love to ski.
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How does one get pics to show up here?

Life's a pain... then you nap. Cat philosphy
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Hey Wacko-still anxiously awaiting the posting of your assignment. That comparison we talked about last week? How's it coming?
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See this thread..

Have fun.. http://www.epic-ski.com/ubb/Forum2/HTML/000647.html
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Such comparison's are probably beyond Wacko. Afterall, he's only been skiing for two years. (well 10 for most people). Wacko even admits this to Bob B. in one of these threads (god knows which).

However SnowKarver, Wacko's instructor buddy should be able to answer this. I don't believe he's been back though since his first post.

For this discussion though, see Pierre's comments PMTS vs PSIA in the thread "New thread:Teaching the wedge..." pg. 2
Then Bob has a long response on pg. 3

lisamarie, now you've made me curious too. (esp. after AC gives two smilies for this!)
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I will say this one more time, since you clearly have not gotten my drift Wacko. DO YOUR HOMEWORK! I want to see that YOU have done all you can to learn about all the schools of thought on learning to ski before you come marching in here and telling us we are all wrong. Until you do, then we have NOTHING MORE TO DISCUSS. Obviously if you'd put the time into learning about all sorts of methods and trying all of them (since the others seemed to work for the rest of us) you have no ground to stand on. So get cracking and do the research.

"You've said, in so many words, that you don't care. Mostly because you can't stand me. Fair enough."...

I said so in so many words thinking you got the point, which, apparently you did not. So yes, I am very sincere. Write up YOUR comparison and give us the benefits and negatives of both programs to show us you are more than all talk and you have done your homework. Until then GOODBYE!

Deep yogic breaths...

P.S. I started this thread and would also like for it to end, so please don't respond any more. Just ignore him and he will go away.<FONT size="1">

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Sorry for the response SkiM since you asked so nicely, but calling for end of thread is "Illegal grounding of the ball". Wacko attempted it and was toasted, Gravity asked for it and was sort of ignored. Plus, Wacko will not just go away!

The reason for the response though is to dispel the notion that Wacko is arguing against some "school of thought" that everyone adheres to. This is what he suspects and has been led to believe, that all instructors are against the Harb method because they're "part of the system".

Wacko received his toasting not because everyone is of one mind but because he doesn't know enough to explain and came across as a sidewalk preacher.

I wonder if he's learned anything?...

Your right, if Wacko went and looked into this whole thing he would be able to discuss this with some thought. But then maybe that's why we're here. (god help us!)

Maybe tommorrow I'll find one of those guys who preaches damnation with a mike and a boom box. I'll walk up near where he is and furtively deploy my wirecutters snipping his cable with a "phantom move". Suddenly reduced to normal voice, I'll ask him "Excuse me. Could you compare and contrast your views to that of other religions?"

I doubt I'll make much progress.


Oh yeah...Um...Uh...SkiMinker?...Do you throw plates during arguments in your relationships?...(yikes!...i'm outta here....)
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I don't know if it was the plates, the flames, or Bob's learned nerf balls that worked but we seem to be making progress. No?
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All I am saying is one should know what they are talking about before one rips everyone else to shreds (or throws plates at people's heads!)

I still haven't seen the Wacko say one constructive thing. He just says everyone else, who I have come to greatly respect based on their experiences and first-hand knowledge, is wrong, wrong, wrong.

So please don't bash me, I am not the bad guy here.
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Sorry if you felt I was bashing you, it wasn't really my intention. When I posted above I hadn't read that other thread on ski articles where he says little of value and rants and bashes. (Though I don't think you guys needed any help in the flames dept!)

So Wacko, I don't expect you to come up with some huge dissertation on the different teaching methods but how about some decent discussion? At least talk about your experience instead of generalizing and sounding like a preacher. How does it work for you?

With over 80 days per year, your experience doesn't 'prove' anything so you might as well just talk about it.
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