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Passed my PSIA Level I, Whew!

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Whew!!! Passed my PSIA Level I today with Doug Wren from Michigan as my Examiner. Man what a great instructor. In other threads I had commented that I was completely confused on my skiing. My timing was off. I was trying to ski with a new strong inside ski move and also a strong up, forward and in extension to my turn initiation but I was completely out of it. So Saturday Doug spent the day tearing apart my old skiing and putting new things into place.

Gone are my heal lifts. Yep gone. Doug found that I was to far forward and had no room to extend into my new turn. Today after my free ski exam he said that my extension was greatly improved and while I did not get a 5 I did get 4. Anyway, I passed and I am pumped. I learned so much in two days. My skiing has improved but more importantly I feel my knowledge as an instructor has improved. I have a lot on new material to incorporate in my beginner progressions.

The weekend was also a great success because I got to have a couple of drinks with OTT. Ott you are true gentleman. It was a pleasure to met you and I look forward to making some turns. I also got to meet Gary Parrish this weekend, as he is an Examiner for PSIA central division. Again, Gary it was my pleasure and I hope our humble ski school was a good host. Gary, I have heard nothing but rave reviews about your teaching style and knowledge.

All in all it has been a great weekend. The only thing that is better is that by Wednsday night I will be in Fernie BC!!!!


PS. Pierre eh thanks for all your help in preparing for the exam your support was invaluable.

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Great job PowD!!! It only gets sweeter from here!

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Powdigger fantastic. Go use you're new skills and Fernie an knock-um dead. Making the transition from defensive skiing to more offensive skiing always screws everything up once the first light bulb goes on. I felt as if I never knew how to ski.
I skied with Gary Parrish for a while after lunch. I had a great time. He has put a bug in my ear about trying out for DCL in two weeks. I have been giving it a lot of thought. :
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Congrats to the Powdigger. Ask Pierre, eh! You've just started a long trip.

Hey, Pierre, eh!, keep thinking about that DCL effort. They need some more folks in the system that really think beyond the standard box.
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Congrats. Good luck in your enjoyable trip up the ladder.
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Way to go. Keep the enthusiasm going. Clean sharp turns for yourself from me.

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Well done.

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Way to go PowDigger!

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Dig it Digger! Pierre, go for it...fresh perspective always is needed.
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Congrats Pow - nice to have that one under the belt. Keep on truckin' !
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Way to go PD! It's great to have other people confirm your suspicions, isn't it?
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Congratulations and well done. Yes I had a great weekend - BM/BW always puts together a first rate event. Thanks also for introducing me to Ott and Pierre - that was one of the high points of the weekend.

Congrats also to all the other new level 1's from this weekend - you represent the future of our profession.

Enjoy your Fernie trip - you've earned it.

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well down PD !!!
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Congratulations PowDigger, well done. See you in Fernie!
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Congratulations on a job well done. It takes guts to put yourself on the line and risk failure. Good job.

You also made one of the great discoveries about exams and PSIA events. That is, YOU LEARN A TON!

I learned more in my Level II and Level III exams than in most of the other clinics I've had. I'm sure you will do the same.

Keep the enthusiasm up.

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YEA! Congratulations!
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Congrats! I'm going for the training sessions prior to the test. What can I expect? I've been studying my books, working on balance, and working on a better carve line. Am I on the right track with this carve thing? To wit: When trying to carve I notice if I use even the slightest forward knee pressure with my Mod X's I come out of a carve into a hard turn or a wide slip depending on how forward or centered I am. Sometimes I execute a fine carve then I might link another one and I can hear the tell-tale swish. I'll stop and look at my tracks. First one may be very nice, the second one... yuck. : I imagine it's staying centered and controling the skis rather than letting the skis control me.

So- 1) what to expect
2) Do I have the basic idea here in working on carving better? :
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I just got back from my vacation today so let me put in a belated "well done". I enjoyed meeting you and some of the other folks that evening.

Pierre, you mayt have noticed that I made myself scrace when you and Gary Parrish were discussing your try out for DCL, you didn't need me around, it was all about you, and I do think you should go for it. I wasn't clear what they were looking for until Gary explained that they wanted some creative new thinking, you certainly do that [img]smile.gif[/img] .

Gary, I wasn't prepared for your accent. From London via Keystone to PSIA examiner.

It was also very generous for you to credit Bob Barnes with putting you on the fast track.

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I add my congratulations, PowDigger!

Welcome back, Ott. I've been away too for the last week-and-a-half, on the road to Angel Fire, Telluride, Crested Butte, Santa Fe, and tonight up to Steamboat. I've had the occasional chance to check in here at EpicSki, but scarcely time to post! My apologies to those who have PM'd me, e-mailed me, or called me without response...sorry!

On to Level 2, PowDigger! Keep at it--the quest and the journey are the rewards!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Ott & Bob,

Thanks alot to both of you. The reading of posts here and my many discussion with Pierre eh have helped in my developement. I am going to spend much of my time in the next year developing my instruction, MA and problem solving. I was caught short a couple of times this year and let my students down. I really have to get my progressions settled in my own head better before my level II.

Pierre eh and others are pushing me to do it next year but I have so much to learn in our very short seasons. I will read alot this summer and keep up with posting to stay sharp on thinking instruction. So I will probably give it a try. However, as I told Pierre today the more I learn the more I know I don't know.

Thanks Guys,

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Congrats. Enjoy the journey.
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Thhhhhhhhhat-a-way to go PowD!,
Hey, it's always a great feeling to improve the balance...isn't it!
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Chalk up one more "gang member" .... SCSA look out!
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