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What to expect?

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One of our "sessions" this last week was directed to skiing "crud". There was pleanty of it in the sun baked bowls. There was a group of five plus our instructor.
After speaking of "center stability" and pushing us about the shoulders etc. our Pro had us ski towards him as he watched each of us.
When regrouped, our Pro spoke words of wisdom to each person. To me, he said I had a solid base.
Then he cast us off one at a time with comments to try this or do that. To me he said "have fun".

Should I expect more?

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Hmmmm. Very cryptic...

As an instructor, let's see if we can interpret his meaning.

He could have meant for you to loosen up some, if he perceived you as having the mechanics, but being tight.

It could have been a cover- if he didn't get to see you ski that run, while talking to another student. When this happens to me, I tell them straight out- "sorry I missed your run, but I'll focus on you this time".

Are you to expect more? It depends on the format previously agreed to. When working with pros in an informal atmosphere, I allow them to tell me when, and how much, feedback they want.

With my guests, I ask right up front, "who wants how much feedback?"

But as the guest, you have the right to ask for as much or as little feed back as you want. And if that feedback isn't clear, ask for clarification as well. It's your money and time, you determine if you are getting adequate return on the investment!

And remember- sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. :
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V Snopro
I am "just a guest", and when asked what I would like to work on, reply "stability".

My sister, who was in this group, commented after words that she benefited greatly.

I feel I got "just a cigar".

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It sounds as if you did get a cigar...

When working in groups or individually, one of the challenges for the instructor is to determine what each students learning style is. By doing so, the instructor can present information in a form which is supported by that learning style.

It seems as if perhaps your instructor didn't quite make that connection with you. He was speaking a language you didn't understand.

In the future, make very clear to the instructor how you best assimilate information. To help you out, here are a few ideas-

A) Visual- do you react positively to pictures, videos, and demonstrations in front of you?

B) Verbal/Cognitive- do you respond to explanations, sequences, and feel the need for details about the task or movement?

C) Feeler- do you internalize sensations, then try to interpret them?

D) Doer- do you prefer to blast down the hill, then have the instructor give you feed back in very smal doses?

Most students will be dominant in one of these areas, but will also use the others in varying degrees to support/augment the experience, until it's learned.
Think back to other athletic activities you have attempted. How did you learn them?

Maybe this will help you and your pro get on the same page of communication.

Good Luck! :
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Just a guess but...

Your profile indicates that you ski 40 times a year. Hmmmmm, that's quite a bit.

You were in a class with your sister. Does your sister ski at the same pace?

Could it be that you are something like a level 7 or 8 who kinda snuck in with a bunch of 4 to 6 types?

If that is the case, you have put the instructor in a very bad place. If most of the students are at one level and one is several rungs up the ladder it's rough to tailor your demos. An hour goes by very quickly and to teach a "lesson within a lesson" is rough.
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Maybe it was his last day of the season.
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Expect and demand exactly what you pay for. If you don't get it, go to the supervisor, tell him what happened, and get your money back. The best supervisors are very grateful for the feedback. Normally this will not cause the pro to be fired, but rather coached (or rehabilitated). Unless, of course, this pro needs to maybe find another job, because he does this stuff all the time!

The price is the same on the last day as on the first day. You deserve what you pay for, every time.
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yuki and milesb
I felt something of each of your comments.
We had all signed in at level III. The groupings allowed I, II, or III
Perhaps I should have taken some action. We had been encouraged to do as you have said by the Pro we were with the previous day. True, there is not a lot that can be done in an hour. That's why I feel just some small critique may be usefull. I wasn't getting much for me, and just wanted to scram when it was over. My Loss.

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