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Krypton Pro ID vs Cross ID

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 Hey Everyone-

I am on the verge of pulling the trigger on one of these boots. About me: 5'9" 175 lbs. Turned 40 this summer and have been skiing for 35 years. I am an EASTERN Skier, lots of bumps trees crud, etc. 15-25 days/year-Couple of trips west/year. I really like both of these boots for fit, ID liner, etc. The Cross feels too soft while the pro feels very good with either tongue.

Obviously, flexing a boot in a store that is 70 degrees is quite different that flexing the same boot after a cold ride up the castle rock lift in January. So my opinion about the Cross being too "soft" may be a function of temp and vice versa about the Pro.

So my question is-can the Pro be tweaked (other than the softer tongue)??

Or, should I go with the Cross and put the wedge in back if I need more stiffness.

Any thoughts will be appreciated..

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 The  primary differences  between the  two  models  is  the Pro comes  with  more options.  The two  tongues that  come with the Pros are NOT  stiffer  and softer as many believe.  Glenn Plake who helped with the  boot design told me personally the tongues  are "lively" and "damp".  One is more reboundy while the other is more absorbent.   The flex adjustment is the same on  both boots  and is accomplished with the wedgey widgets that get stuck somewhere along the  vertical spine of  the cuff.   

So if you do not need  the "Springy" tongue or the firmer zeppa offered in the Pro,  the Cross will work the same for you  as the Cross comes  with  the damper tongue and the rubber zeppa only.
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Sounds like they are pretty much the same shell ex-the tongues??
What accounts for the difference in flex rating-the Cross being 90-120 and the Pro being 100-140?
Is the wedge thingamijiggy already part of the spine of the pro?
Also does the Gold ID account for some additional stiffness? 
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 I am not sure?  The liner may contribute slightly, the plastics may be a bit stiffer, or It may be marketing hype?  My best guess would be a slightly stiffer plastic.  With the flex adjuster shims you do have a wide range of flex available with quite a bit of overlap, so the question is, is the difference in price warrant going with the Pro?  Are you just paying for all the extra pieces in the box?
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 If the Pro feels better in the shop then it is the boot for you .The flex of this boot does not change as much as an overlap boot does in the cold.  
If you compress the two liners the gold feels much firmer compared to the silver liner. The hard zeppa also contributes to edge engagement while the softer Cross zeppa is better for shock absorbment when jumping or skiing mogules. These slight differences add up to more performance in the Pro.  But the main difference is in the tongues and without the firm one there is no way that a Cross will feel like a Pro.
Similarities: The plastics in the shoe and spine are the same. 
 Bottom line, you can turn a Pro into a Cross, but you can't turn a Cross into a Pro. This can be a problem because some people will never use the parts to make them ski like the Cross but they throw them in the box and make you pay for them. 
 One way to perhaps save some money is to buy the Cross and see if the shop will sell you a set of firm tongues or special order them from Dalbello. Usually about $60.00.    
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