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Bindings: What to do?

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I bought myself a pair of fun skis (Volkl Racetiger SLs - flat) and am at present fretting over bindings.  I bought these skis with the intent of making lots of turns at fairly extreme edge angles (think "extreme carving" or "bodycarving") -- so I'm a little concerned about boot-out.
  • I do not have much money to spend anymore.  Like, the closer to $0 spent, the better.
  • I have a pair of like-new Marker MRRs.  They have almost no lift at all.
  • I have a Selective Control system that will work with them -- these will offer up ~8-9mm of lift.
  • I've heard of making plates out of an old cutting board.  This would require longer mounting screws (don't have), and I would lose whatever floating binding benefit the SC has to offer.
  • The skis are drilled for a Marker Race Plates -- I don't have them, and the MRRs don't work with them anyway, so new bindings would be required along with the purchase of plates.

My shop charges $42 to mount bindings.  If I buy bindings from them, the mounting is free (they have some Marker Piston Control 1200 Titaniums for $150)

Me, I'm 6'3", 240lbs, and run a DIN of 10+.

So, am I nuts to put my MRRs on the SC plates?  Do you have another suggestion?

- Eric
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The SC plates won't be enough lift to really matter for 'extreme carving'... but they will be a pain in the a*s, but on the other hand, the SC was pretty darn gimicky so losing it by adding a plate (even a cutting board) is no real big deal.

I'd find some old skis (any ski would work), make a 'lifter plate' out of the middle of them (cut out the section of ski that the binding would be on + about 4"), route channels in the front and back to allow ski flex at the ends, hard mount in the middle, mount the MRR to that, mount that to the SL ski... voila, extreme carving skis.
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Ha.  I have the same skis that need bindings.  I'm not going to go crazy with the hyper carving, though, so I'm probably just going to go ahead and buy these:

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CE I am in the exact same position just racing not free skiing i have a new pair of racetigers and need plates bad and need to spend close to zero for them... so i know how your feeling. need dins 10-11
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mattchuck2 i have those bindings on another pair of skis i use. i have the dins at 11 and have used them for racing in the past they have worked very well for me.
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