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what bindings for a 155 lb advanced racer on 2009 183 volkl racetiger gs stock skis?
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How advanced is she? What are her FIS points?

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Another quick question. Are these a flat sheet {no plate mounted} race stock ski, or the retail race ski that comes with some type of Marker Plate?  If the race stock ski, presume that they have not been paired with a Marker Piston Plate {the plate, not the binding}?

Most often paired with Marker. Distribution and marketing partners with Volkl. Same company, at least in the USA. But if that ski is flat, you have a number of options.


And SJ's question is an important one. 

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doesnt ski fis. this is a male high school senior haaha but the skis are flat no plates or bindings mounted... and i was reccomended the marker race plates and comp 16 or 20 bindings but i was really looking for a plate and binding that would be of equal quality so that i can compare them financially to the marker option. If there is not a cheaper plate that is as good as the marker then i will go with those but i dont neccesarily want to pay 365 for plates and bindings good racer i dont have a skill number exactly but top consistent top twenty finishes at the varsity level... thanks for your help.
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16 or 14 should do fine. I have a pair of junked up 14s if you are interested.
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RTTT   interested... What kind?
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They are a EPS Comp 14s, a few years old. One of the toe covers is missing, but can be replaced at the shop for like $10. PM me
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Oooops.......sorry. The 183 is the women's size so when you said advanced racer.......welllll I just assumed.........

Some HS racers might use the same Marker plate as a FIS racer would and of course the binding selection is up to you. Most of the girls getting those skis from us use the Marker plate and the M-16.

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i figured thats why you thought that.  i got those skis brand new for 200 dollars i would have gone bigger but i simply could not let that deal go by..

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So brand new for $200? That's a tremendous deal. Wow! Congratulations. Based on how little you paid for the skis, my vote is to try to find the money to acquire a Piston Plate, and the M16.0 binding. I don't think the issue of the plate thickness, which RTTT brought to your attention is a big one. 5mm is less than a quarter of an inch. You will not notice it, and I would be willing to gaurantee that doing the type of racing that you'll likely be doing, nobody will ever bother to measure your stack height. So if you can find used Piston Plates at a good price I would do that. You may also be able to find some lightly used M16.0's if you look around. I'll PM you with one idea for that. I bet you can do bindins and plates for close to $200.

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hey thanks to everyone who helped on my three threads regarding binding problems...
i did manage to find some comp 14 bindings and 11mm marker WC plates all together for around 200!
due to the fact that I'm pretty light, I'm fairly confident that a din 14 is plenty to hold me in, even in races.
last year i raced on a din 11-12 and only had release issues a few times so the extra quality and strength of these bindings should do it for me.
the plates however are a huge plus since most of my wipe outs in races were bootouts due to low lift and insufficient edge tuning (and my huge feet), and bootouts were a really common and aggravating problem during training especially. so that is a nice thing to have now
so everything worked out in the end.
thank you to all who gave a crap about my problems!
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Good going. Nice. You should be in great shape with those.
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