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Ankle recovery

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 I had an injury in early September this year... Something like in this thread

It isn't painful to walk or even to run...
I can play soccer or squash with a bandage... I tried to play without the bandage, but the ankle twisted again...

Could anyone advice some exercises to strengthen the ankle?

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 looks like there's something up with your tarsal tunnel if your pain locator circle is correct. If it is an inversion sprain but no pain dorso laterally around the ATFL but in the tarsal tunnel, you may possibly have tibial nerve compression or a bony break. Get thee to a foot/ankle orthopedic doc. (I see you're from latvia so no podiatrists there I believe) and have it looked at, good case its a lig strain and PT will do it, bad case a lig tear if you're retwisting it again and again and some more aggressive intervention might be needed. 
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As you demonstrated with picture. It is the easiest way to demonstrate others. I appreciate  your way.

Secondly I feel pain in my ACHILLESS TENDON space quite often. It gives me pain in my back too. I am quite depressed. I am worried about it bcoz i have got treatments so many times.

asking for help..

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I think you must not get worried about it. You say that you are depressed. It will lead u to depression or anxiety then u will become serious ill.
So avoid depressing. Create confidence and face the hardships. If you are suffering from depression or anxiety then u must consult ur doctor or use anti anxiety pills

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Man, I'd get into some yoga for sure. It helps all of your body stay injury free. is a good resource. I dislocated my ankle in early September and it is just now getting better. No breaks or tears, just really sprained. I attribute the yoga to not getting a worse injury. I was doing 4 hours of yoga a week until my baby girl was born, now I get about 2 or 3 max, but it's still good.

I hope that helps.
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I found a 20 minute Yoga for your Ankles and Feet. You can subscribe to the Podcast for free, then push the Get All button in iTunes and you will see it near the bottom.

Hope that helps!
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I find that the best work-out for my feet is to put some swim fins on and get in the pool.  I do butterfly kicks both on my back and stomach as well as my side and it seems to work on all of the muscles from my feet all the way through my core.  Freestyle kicks are good as well.

Good Luck!
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I had already forgotten about this thread

Life goes on... Ankle is still sensitive to sharp twists, sports only with a bandage and serious warm-up, except skiing.
I was worried at first, but ski boot protects my ankle.

Thank you, for advices... 
And a cookie to Snowmiser - it is what I was looking for
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