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question about taking gear to europe

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I’m planning a trip with the wife to southern France or NW Italy and have a big unknown. We will be skiing for about a week and touring southern France & visiting family for another week. We need to take ski gear (boots, helmets, cold weather clothes) as well as presentable, comfortable clothes for the rest. I think that all the ski gear can fit into a large, but heavy duffel bag, and we can each get by with another case each.


My question is how to get that gear bag over & back the easiest & cheapest. I could ship it to my nephew in Montpellier. Would that be better than taking it as luggage on the plane? I will be dealing with several transfers and, of course, customs. Now that the airlines have become so difficult with their luggage requirements, I am at a loss.

Thanks for your help

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Are you talking about skis or just related gear? For the latter, I don't really see the problem. Even if you get charged for overweight, which is pretty unlikely intercontinental, it'll still be cheaper than shipping. For transfers do you mean air or ground? If it's air transfers, again, you won't have to worry until your final destination. And customs doesn't give a monkey's about how much ski gear you bring, provided it's not new/unused/still boxed up, etc., and even then, they probably don't care.

Check with your airline about how many pieces/weight, etc., and you're good to go. Rolling luggage will get you through any airport or train station, so no problem really. You can do it with skis, too, though skis are always a hassle.

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I agree with prickly. No problem with helmets, goggles and comfort gear. Rent skis and poles. Pick clothes that can do double duty - wear it one day as casual and them after it's "dirty" wear it as a second or third ski layer. I always think on a two week trip it's easier to do some laundry than it is to try and take enough stuff for the whole trip.
All this advice is from a guy who usually only wears about half of what I take on any trip - no matter how lightly I pack!
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Not sure if this will be of any help, but I have always found the advice of www.onebag.com pretty good. 

I second the notion of travel light, pack layers that can be reused prior to washing, and do laundry.  I also bring woollite packets with me if I need to wash underwear/socks/tshirts in the sink if I get in a bind.
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Note that the resort you choose will to some degree condition the clothes you bring, unless you like looking like a gaper in town. You'll need some solid city duds for, I dunno, Courcheval. At Alagna, for example, dirtbag will do just fine.

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Instead of duffles, I found big backpack works much better. It leaves you with both hands free to carry whatever else you need (passport, tickets, another peice of luggage!)


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