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After many seasons of prepping the family's numerous skis by hand, I've decided that maybe it's time to go to a rotobrush cut down on some of the work. I've done a bit of reading on the use of the rotobrushes & will probably be going with a horsehair for coarse wax removal & a finer nylon for finishing.

I noticed that rotobrush handles are available in 100mm & 200mm lengths. I was thinking of going to the 200mm so I can use both brush sets w/out having to swap out each time. 

Anyone use the 100mm vs 200mm rotobrush shaft handles care to comment on which is better way to go? I am wondering if the 200mm shaft would be harder to handle than the 100mm??

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If your skis are less than 100mm wide, using (2) 10cm brushes on a 20cm shaft bumps the efficiency a notch by reducing brush swapping. If over 100mm wide skis and different diameter brushes (ie, hard horsehair and soft nylon) it's less than ideal because you'll run the risk of overlapping with the other, larger diameter brush. You can still use (1) 10cm (or 14cm) brush on a 20cm shaft however, which is easy to control. With the Quick Grips (versus fixed handles), you can add shafts if needed and brush swapping is fast.

A brass, hard horsehair and soft nylon kit would be a thorough group for rec skiers.

Here's a video I threw together to show use:

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Thanks Terry, most helpful as always.
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Very useful video.  If "useful" means persuading me I must buy new tools.
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is that just a standard electric drill? im new to all this so pardon the dumb questions, thanks
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It's just an old variable speed electric drill. You can use a cordless as well.
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 I still like my hand brushes.  I enjoy the exercise and work of the tool.  The only thing that the rotobrush seems like it might do better is the final shine step.

Thanks for the video a'nord
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thanks for the help alpinord, i am interested in learning as much as possible about this process so ill probably have lots of questions. how long do the brushes last, and can they be used for boards as well as skis or do they make wider brushes to be used on boards?
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There are snowboard sized roto brushes:

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In an unheated garage, hand brushing can help keep you warm. I'll brush race ya, SMJ? 

IIRC, rotobrushes are available in at least 10, 14 & 20 cm lengths. Just using a 10cm rotobrush will on all of your boards will save time and effort. You can always get longer shafts and brushes later if you wish to minimize initial costs.

Note that the standard rotobrush shaft is a 10mm hexagon. These won't interchange with proprietary brushes and shafts like SVST, for instance.
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