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Damn CleanSnipe & GearScan

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The deals are almost un"bear"able.  I'm going broke saving money.

Deals I've scored on Tramdock, SAC, etc:
Scott Punisher skis (under $200)
Hestra Gloves (under $60)
SmartWool socks (under $8/pr)
Tecnica Agent 80 ski boots for the Mrs. ($225)
A Backcountry lightweight pullover shell ($56)
Marmot gloves ($39)
North Face Khumbu fleece jacket ($56) (I was drinking too much on this one, but liked the jacket when it arrived so too lazy to return it)
Marmot component jacket for the Mrs. ($125)
More SmartWool socks for the Mrs. (under $8/pr)
Still more SmartWool socks for my Dad (under $8/pr)

Hopefully when I upgrade to Win 7 the shortcuts will disappear.  I'm counting on Mr. Gates....
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It's worse than I thought...


NorthFace Denali for daughter - $86
Marmot Membrain shell for another daughter - $67
Mountain Hardwear technical shell for yet another daughter - $89

Sad thing is, they'd all rather have North Face rather than the better brands...
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Wow!  I thought I bought a lot from those dealsites, but I guess I count as a more "casual" user.  Was this over a pretty long period of time?

I think for me, things really started going downhill when I saved my CC info in my SAC acount.  One-click shopping is dangerous indeed...

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 Never ever click submit once you've uncorked your second bottle of wine!!!
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Originally Posted by Trekchick View Post

 Never ever click submit once you've uncorked your second bottle of wine!!!
I heard they are coming out with breathalizer computer screens. 

If you're above the legal limit, the computer switches over to read-only mode.

That could save a lot of trouble in a lot of ways.
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You would have done better getting those smartwool socks at costco. They've been selling them under the Kirkland brand for less than that.
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