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Put on Your Rally Caps Boys and Girls!!

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I know this isn't an Instruction subject, but I'm leaving for Loveland Ski Basin TODAY and will be skiing there for the next two days. Thursday, Rusty Guy and I are supposed to meet in the Lodge at 9:30 and I wanted to invite any Bears from the area to join us for a day of Spring-time Rat-packing. I think Robin and SCSA might be there. Bob Barnes might be busy with exams, but maybe he can join us as well. (my wife is re-taking the skiing portion of her level II on Thursday. NERVOUS!) I hope to put some faces with names this week!!! Let's go have some fun!

On a more somber note. It's a dark time for Redwings Fans. The boys in red are down 3 games to 0 against Anaheim. (Yzerman's return has thrown the Wing's first line out of sync, and Jiggy is HUGE in front of Anaheim's net. It's a buncha crap.) Meanwhile, the Avs are putting the wood to Minnesota after a Game 1 loss last Wednesday. (That's not good for me.) Sometimes it sucks being a hockey fan.

And just so that this post ends up in the right place... What are your thoughts on pressure control? After some pretty specific skiing over the last month, (There was nothing else to do, the half pipe was melted out.) I found myself throwing pressure control out the window and using flex/extend movements and timing to help create ROTARY. I'm trying to eliminate the pattern of "pushing" my skis to their edges, so I'm just starting to settle over my new outside ski WAY early and letting the natural turn of my femur bring the ski around. (SKIDDED turns. I haven't figured out the carving without "going" to my edges first.) I've found that when just giving in and standing on that ski and flexing to turn, I have great control in the crud and corn. It's weird.

I had help with this. This is something I've been introduced to in the Edwin Terrel Clinics over the last few seasons, and It's a slippery concept to grasp. All things considered it's a great arrow for the quiver, but it leaves me asking this. Does focusing on the pattern of flexing/extending as a "pressure control" pattern of movement seem Dogmatic to anyone else? We've come a long way in the 13 years I've been teaching, and it has been shown that we can attack almost any problem from within any of the established "skills". Why do I see so many instructors using flexing/extending purely as "pressure control"?

See some of you on Thursday!
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Why do I see so many instructors using flexing/extending purely as "pressure control"?

In one of my teaching segments for my level 2, the problem my student was lacking edge angle. Very static skiing. My progression included lots of flexion extension movements to get this student creating more EDGE angles and then releasing the edges while getting the CM moving down the hill.

So I guess I used flexing/extending for edge and balance.

I think a lot of instructors learn the "exercises" and progressions but don't really go into what and why of the exercises. they are told or taught that for "abc problem" use "XYZ exercise and progression" rather than what the exercise will do and how it does it. Cause and affect are very important. This may also be why there is such a low pass rate in the teaching portion. When one takes the time to understand the cause and affect, many of our exercises and progressions begin to make more sense and you can adapt or find exercises that primarly address the skill you are trying to address and also help with second skill that is also lacking.
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Spag, chances are I will not make it to Loveland...in body, but you know I will in spirit! Too many life altering occurances and scheduling conflicts to say the least. I am so glad Michelle and Alecia are going for it!
It does appear your beloved Wings are folding like the proverbial lawn chair! Personally, I am rooting for 1) ANY north of the border team (this is the longest tour of the south of Lord Stanely's Cup in history) then, 2)Any original 6 team...but I will throw in the Senators since they are a retro reinstated club! And, of course, everybody knows that the Av's are really the Nordiques, Colorado squandering their legitimate offering to the league with the Rockies (the ones with Don Cherry, not the ones lead by that maplehead with a bat). But, I digress.....
The Edwin clinic was enlightening. Mere mortals should balance first on both feet in neutral before all the tipping, flinging, hucking, pushing etc. Then the flexing with gravity and "letting go" works! Uncle Milty and Dogger really de-construct me....and force me to reinvent my movement patterns and beliefs.
So, I have certainly found serenity in my new found freedom so far. Life has options beyond this silly biz. Give me a ring when you are in the neighbourhood, Spag....if I can't make it to the exam....I still need to know how it is going! Give'm hell Michelle!
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Total bummer!
I was just talking with Rusty Guy on the phone last night, and he suffered a bizarre injury. So at this point, he might join you at Loveland, but it will be on crutches. He told me he will also meet up with everybody at A-Basin on the 26th, but will not be able to ski.

Go AV's!!!!


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Sorry Spag.....I have surgery scheduled on my left knee for the end of the week. I was standing in ski boots with all my weight on my left leg, turned my hips as I was about to walk to the left, and felt a little pop in my knee. The next day a great deal of swelling and a resulting loss of mobility. Tests reveal a condyle lesion (in laymen's terms a piece of my femur chipped off).

So the surgeon is going to scope my knee Friday or Monday and I'll be on crutches for a while.

Have fun and best of luck to your bride.

I drove by Loveland on the way home from Bob Barnes house and it was snowing like crazy. The conditions should be good for all the exams.

I'll flip burgers or bartend on the 26th @ A-Basin!
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Sorry to hear of your injury, but a little fibbing wont hurt [img]smile.gif[/img]

You MUST tell everyone who asks that you were hucking this 50ft drop and you never saw this snow boarder below, so in a sacrifice move you chose to hit a tree insted. Poor tree.

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Sorry Rusty... I just read about your knee injury.
Gett well soon!
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With all the seriosly ill folks in the world I'll never whine about my knees. At age 47 it's about time to clean them out! I do miss the great spring skiing.
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Speedy recovery looking on the bright side, least it never happened in November !!!!! Good Luck
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Hey, just got back from Loveland. Y'all missed out. The snow was great!! They recieved a foot of fresh on Tuesday night and we were still skiing uncut on Thursday. I hiked a bit and caught some cool lines. Rusty, I'm sorry to hear about your knee. That same thing happened to one of my snowboard instructors on her first day of the season. That sucks!

We'll have to get together next season. I saw Alicia yesterday out skiing. Getting ready for her skiing day at Level III. I wished her good luck, so let me know how she did.

My wife, unfortunately, didn't get her level II this time. Her fundamental maneuvers were outstanding, but I think unfamiliar snow conditions got her on her free skiing. She became very tentative in the bumps and crud... She just hasn't had much experience in bumps with heavy junk on them. Overall, she improved her scores from the first exam, so I'm very proud of her. She walloped her wedge x-sties, rr track turns, and basic parallel with 8's in all three!!! Awesome!

My hat's off to Loveland Ski Area. They offer a great price late season, and the Terrain up top is pretty phenomenal, for a "small" area. Rusty, I was really bummed we didn't get to rip it up. Hope you heal quick!

Anyway, gotta go.
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Just be glad your not a Penguin fan. After such an incredible start they just went to sh!t. Injuries, trades, basiclly they are just broke. If only Mario had kept producing the way he had in November, they would have been one of the teams to beat. As it is, I have to root for Edmonton. (and any other team playing Dallas. Hopefully they wont end up playing the Avalanch because i hate them both. Sorry to see Detroit is out of it though, Kujo just has the worst playoff luck. There is always next year!
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Luck had very little to do with CuJo's demise this season. New (terrible) coach, worthless play by the defensemen (Chris Who? Darren who?), and Lazy "Superstars". Datsyuk, Federov, Hull, Yzerman... a veritable "Who's Who?" of scoring juggernauts and not one of them could have swatted a baby seal off the ice. The only Wing worth mention out of this whole ordeal is Kirk Maltby, who actually showed a lot of heart when being out-played by the Ducks. The Wings have some re-building to do.

I hope the Avs all catch the same shower fungus and can't skate next week. (I'm hoping against hope that the Wild can win at least two more so the Wimp-alanche doesn't get a long rest before their next match-up) As for Edmonton, PowRipper, I'm having a hard time rooting for a Canadian team this year ever since Montreal booed our national anthem. I know it's not cool to dice all the Canadians into the same little group, but being a rabid hockey fan, I can pretty much do it like this...
1. Detroit Red Wings
2. Lower 48 teams.
3. Everybody Else.

My pick for The Cup this year would have to be St. Louis, but since I've gone and said that, they're doomed!!! (I've had bad luck this season already!!)

Oh yeah, this is EpicSKI. Perhaps we should start an EPICSKATE forum!!

Skiing rules!
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Spag, the chances of Naslund and company running 3 straight and making your reverse prediction happen are nil...but thanks for the thought. Nice to know too that there are other Av and Star haters!
Since when is Montreal or Quebec for that matter considered mainstream Canadian? Cretien and the grits et al do not represent Canada either....the latest seperation attempt....Alberta! Most Canadians are ashamed of our government's behaviour and that of the Montreal fans...Toronto fans a night later sang and cheered the SS Banner!
In the States the conservative "silent majority" is oft referenced...in Canada it is very present, but with government owned media and a Socialist leadership who have squandered our military legacy and international standing at the helm.....one of the reasons I live in the lower 48!
Michelle will get them next year...just like the Wings! Thanks for the phone call by the way.
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Sorry your wife didn't pass. I spoke to Bob and he said the conditions were tough.

The knee is.....well....not great. I guess I should use the past tense since I assume the repair is complete. The surgeon had to do the O.A.T.S procedure which puts me on crutches for six weeks.

Alicia passed her III. I'm proud of her perseverance.
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Yeah Alecia! Now maybe you can join the clan and no-longer be a non-commital "lurking bear"! Congratulations on all the hard work!
And Spag....Cujo has always been a sieve (sp)!
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Yeah well, at least he's consistant! Roy, on the other hand, can't seem to put together enough games in a row to finish a play-off series with finality! Last year vs. LA and this year Minnesota isn't giving him any rest before the next series. I see Battaglia and Kuba starting up a little bad blood on top of the already existant Hinote/Mitchell scrumming. Lots of slashing and "face washing" going on. Next game should be interesting. I'm also curious to see how the refs handle the next Vancouver/St. Louis matchup. It was getting a little ugly last game.

Great job Alicia!! Don't fall in a lake with that pin on! You'll go straight to the bottom.

Rusty. Bob said it. Conditions were tough for an exam. They were sweet for hiking and ripping, but I wouldn't have wanted to be tested on the bump run or the hockey slides. Everyone looked a little rough in the moguls, but I guess that's where the bear sh!@s in the woods come exam time.

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