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Severe pain, lateral lower leg.

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For nearly two sesions now I`ve had trouble with pain on the lateral side of my lower leg,just 10-12 cm over the malleolus (ankle). 
I`ve quit telemark, gone to bootfitters, been to very competent doctors (still is), and done alot of exercises. Nothing helps. I also got two cortisonshots i the area, and it just wont go away. 

Does anyone in here got any ideas on what to do now? Have anyone heard about similar problems?

I would really appreciate it if someone could help me out, as I am going into my third sesion without much skiing.
Sorry for the poor english,thanks for any help.

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Have you had an x-ray of the area? I had similar pain but up higher and it turned out to be a bone spur. I had spent big $$ on bootfitters who did not help. Finally went to one who did a very simple diagnostic test. took liners out of boots; inserted footbeds back in; put a glob of zinc oxide on the spot where it hurt. (you could use toothpaste or something similar); had me carefully get into boots and buckle them and flex as if skiing; carefully get out and then look to find out where the zinc oxide was put on the boot. It was then obvious that it was a simple piece of the plastic that was mostly decorative but that was hitting my leg in that spot at every turn. He ground it off and i've not had a problem since.
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 I`ve had both xray and MR.
I also got the best boots and also made footbeds. I have had three pair of alpineboot and another pair of telemarkboots.  
Im gonna cut out the biggest hole possible in my new liner now and try again. The toothpastetrick sounded kinda smart. 
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xrays to pick up a stress fracture? Go to a competent orthopod or podiatrist. Either Another possibility could be tenosynovitis of the peroneal tendons (longus I would think) although 10-12 cm above the LM is a little high for that.
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