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ski pole baskets

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Does the diameter, size, type of basket really make that big of a difference for different types of snow. Do you really need powder baskets for powder?
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I hate to use the term "powder baskets" in that baksets are now significanly smaller now than they used to be. My wife as she hated her small baskets so much on powder days used my old scott poles with the pistol grip as they have larger baskets. They were the standard for the time. The powder baskets on my Smith poles are only slightly larger than those.
Do you need them, I say yes:
1 doing a traverse sucks when you push off and all the force goes into driving the basket into the snow 12"
2. Unless you have a really lite touch with your pole plants the larger baskets help. Its not just in powder but the next day when its semipacked moguls where a solid plant drives the basket 3" down.
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Thanks Doug....I thought that it would make a difference was just checking.......Where would be the best place to look for baskets for my Rossi poles?
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Actually not that easy to find. Sources:
- old poles, I have known to dumpster dive for old pole baskets (wife and brother in law pretended that didn't known me)
- replacement baskets , not too many stores carry replacement baskets but have bought a package of Smith powder baskets which to store carried for that purpose
- just buy a pair with powder baskets- Smith poles come with a set of powder baskets which you put on top the little baskets, Sport Check carries Smith poles
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Goode makes an interchange system that lets you switch basket sizes.

So does Kerma.

Either "system" can be retrofitted to most modern poles.

Had the Kerma's installed on a pair of Scott poles for my wife last year as she would complain about the tiny racing baskets sinking too often. The shop did it for $25 (Parts and labor)
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I was looking at those poles at the end of last year, but have a problem dropping $80.00+ for a new pair of poles when I have already purchased new poles. Your other ideas got the gray matter working and can add to your list: secondhand sport stores, and thrift stores. After all I that I need is the baskets and not the poles.
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Per'aps zese poles is vot you need.

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