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The Gift of Skiing

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Give the gift of skiing if you're able. There are so many out there who would love to try our wonderful sport but cannot afford the entry price. They usually don't know how to get the rock bottom sales like we do.  With economic times as hard as they are for so many,  if you are fortunate enough to have extra, consider giving some of your extra older gear away to friends, relatives, acquaintances, schools, clubs, and even strangers. The gift comes back tenfold.

I follow the philosophy that if I get something new I have to get rid of something else by selling it or giving it away. The satisfaction I get from selling gear doesn't even come close to that of giving the gift of skiing.  So far this fall I have given away, 2 full ski suits, 2 pair of ski boots, 3 pair of skis w/ ski bag, 1 set of poles, a helmet, 2 pair of gloves, and I paid for my brother in law's ski trip out west last year, and got numerous discounts for friends visiting.

I'm not looking for any kudos, I'm just trying to pass on my LOVE for this sport of ours and share my experience. Kindness is contagious! Try it you may love it!

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Who among us can't point to a person who enabled their love of skiing? For me it was my dad. God bless all who pass on this splendid sport.

Thanks for starting a timely and heartful topic, Yo Momma.
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I'd like to be one of Yo Mama's friends

I tell my kids once you're old enough to get yourself up, squared away, and out on the mtn, the next step to zen-master-skier is doing the same for a friend to bring them along with you.

I go to a lot of ski swaps (going today), but never to sell.  I have a garage full of old ski stuff I use as loaners to family/friends.
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All of the gear I lose interest in goes to people I come across that used to ski and want to start again, other Bears, or church yard sales. So far, I've acquired very reasonably priced used gear for my very little kids.They ski  bout two days a year,. but, I prefer not to have to deal with renting stuff.  I'm glad there is plenty of used kids gear out there.  When they outgrow it it will be passed on through the channels listed above as long as it is still in good shape and "safe".  FWIW, I don't buy new gear either unless it is priced ridiculously low-say under $200 for skis and bindings or boots under $50.00.

Now when skis become antiquated and bindings are no longer indemnified I retire them for possible retro day use or pass them on to another "collector".  It isn't a good idea to give a novice out of date gear, but I don't see a big issue with giving someone familiar with the with stuff from that era obsolete gear.
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