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Please help to choose!

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 Hi! I'm deciding what skis to buy, but I couldn't find enough info online, so I hope somebody can help me here. I'm choosing between Fischer SC RC4 (165 cm long, 115-66-97, turn radius 12) and last season's Rossignol Actys A300 (162 cm, 115-70-96, radius of 15). I have a chance to get Fischer used in good condition for $150, and Rossignols new for $220, both of them with bindings. I'd describe myself as good intermidiate skier, I'm usually on blue trails, linking turns on medium to high speed, and I'm trying moguls too. I'm not looking forward to race, just want a good ski for turns on groomed surface mostly, and acceptable for moguls. In case it helps, I'm a guy, 5'11", 175 lbs.  
What skis will be better for me?
I will also be thankful for reviews on those skis.

Here are they:

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QUick Response : i think you'll be good to go with either, I would prefer the fischers
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thank you for a quick response! Why would you prefer them? 
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Rossi. More forgiving radius, rounded corners on tail to permit pushing the tails a bit as you might want to do in the bumps. The Fischer is an awesome ski, but the main thing it will do well is hook up and make tight, snappy turns.

For a related disussion that discusses the merits of SL skis as toys: Race Ski as a toy, SL or GS?  

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