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Hi. I'm choosing between 2 pairs of skis to buy and having hard time to decide. I'm between lasr season's Rossignol Actys A300 and Fischer SC RC4. I don't race, I mostly ski blue trails linking turns on medium to high speed on groomed snow, also I'd like to hit moguls occasionally. I'd say my level is good intermidiate. So, about the skis: I was offered to buy Fischers used for $150, and Rossignols new for $220. Both with bindings. Fischers are 165 cm, with sidecut of 115-66-97 and turn radius of 12 m. Rossignols are 162, 115-70-96. I tried to find reviews for both, but didn't come up with anything informative.
If it helps, I'm a guy, 5'11", weighting around 180 lb. What will be a better deal for me?