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Dynastar vs. Vocal

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 This year it's time for new skis. I'm torn between the Dynastar Contact 4x4, the Volkl Tigershark 8ft, and the Volkl Tigershark 10ft.

I'm an expert all mountain skier who loves to rip the groomers but I also love to blast through the bumps. I need a ski that has a strong edge hold but isn't too stiff (*caugh* Fischer). Also, I'd like to dabble in some off piste skiing. Money isn't a concern between the skis, only how they ski.

Let me know your point of view. Thanks in advance!
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Only been on the contact 4x4. How are your knees? It will 'rip' but I am not sure if it is the best bump ski. Then again, I don't have the most refinded mogul skills so it might be the pilot, not the ski. There are probably better options if you spend a lot of time in the moguls. Other than that, it is very stable at speed. My Fischer RX8 and Head IM77 handle the bumps a lot better. On the 4x4, I got bashed all over the place.
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I own the 4x4s and have demoed the Tigersharks. I found the 4x4s vastly superior on the groomers and mixed snow conditions. They are OK in bumps but other softer skis may be be better bump skis. The 4x4s are the most versatile Frontside Ski I have skied. You have to decide which areas you want your skis to excel in. No one ski does it all perfectly.
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I own the Tigershark 10 w/switch and it's not a mogul ski..  Excellent edge grip, rebound and pretty quick..  I purchased these a couple of years ago a frontside hardpack groomer only ski...  This was before the contact 4x4 was released and if I had to do again I would lean towards the 4x4, as stated above it's more versatile and just a little better at everything..  Volkl 10 rips but the 4x4 kills it if you drive well....
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 Yeah well I'm 17 so my knees are still in tact. I work as a ski instructor and right now im riding a set of Salomon Xwing Tornado's from a few years ago while they still used the space frame which seem to handle moguls pretty well. I'll be doing higher level PSIA stuff next ski season so i really n eed a set that will do anything. I'm thinking about the 4x4. Also, I'm 5'11" and about 140 lbs. Should I get the 165 or 172?
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