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wtb: Ski boots - 27/27.5

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Looking for slightly used or new boots - 27 or 27.5

Salomon Impact 10 or Salomon Impact 10cs
Salomon Falcon CS Pro
Head Vector 120 Ski Boots

or similiar.

Currently skiing Salomon X-Wave 10.
I have a wider forefoot (100 - 103) last.  Slightly high instep.  open to other suggestions.


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 Proton 10? I have a pair at our consignment sale, 199.00
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I had the opportunity to speak to a gentleman by the name of Fat Yeti over at Level Nine Sports.   He really knows his stuff and has excellent - no even better than excellent - prices. I bought some great boots at 73% off.

I suggest every one check out Level Nine Sports.

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2015 salomon ghost 130 $400,27.5
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Salomon Xmax 120. Used in great shape. Needs new heels and toes

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salomon falcon cs pro 120's from a couple years ago, new, $170 shipped, pm for pics

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