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Volkl Mantra

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I am a 6'1" 220 lbs advanced skier. I have been looking at these skis.
I ski mainly eastern US and Canada.

What length would you recommend 177 or 184?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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I do not have a pair myself, but ski with several friends that use them as their everyday ski.  Based on what I know, and your weight, I would definitely say go with the 184s. 
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Agreed, a vast majority of skiers would go with the 184's and tell you, you're crazy for even considering going shorter. I have both the red in 184 and the White in 177. I barely use the red 184's any more (rock skis now) as I found them to be overly cumbersome in the trees, and when it gets tight west and east. Most people say my skis are too short. My buds say I ski MUCH better on the 177's.  I'm 6', 200lbs. I LOVE these skis in a 177 but I also love to turn a LOT and I love super sharp arcs, I love trees and tight slopes on a powder day, and I love to bury myself in the pow rather than float on top. You will DEFINITELY lose speed on the 177's as compared to the 184's. 

I would say if your aim is to ski Jay or Stowe tight trees and bumps only,  get the 177's..........otherwise go for the 184's for all other conditions and if you want speed.

As an experiment I mounted a set of bindings 2 cm forward of boot center on the 184's just to see what happens..........we'll see........most say mount them behind boot center but boot center didn't work for me in the tight trees at Stowe.

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Not to sound pompous but if you are asking this question you probably aren't that advanced.  The mantra is not a big fat ski where you need to cut down on size.  Additionally it has a huge amount of sidecut making it easy to turn if you can handle a stiffer ski.    Not too mention that it has a slightly up turned tail; meaning the 184 isn't truly a 184 more like a 182.  

An advanced skier of your size should be deciding between a 184 and the 191 not the 177.  
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 I'm a Pacific NW skier and love these skis.  I am 5' 10" 180 pounds and ski double-blacks at Crystal Mountain on a 177cm if that helps.  They are a tad stiff which is fantastic for crud, though they work you in the bumps.  But I still love them despite that.  
post #6 of 9 question...unless you'd consider going longer.

I'm 5'9", 160 lbs and have the 184. The 177 sacrificed powder/crud and overall stability for a slightly quicker turn.
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I'm 5-10/200 and have owned two pr. of 184's. I've never felt the need for shorter and occasionally wondered about longer but just never bothered to try 'em. For the east, 184 no question. If you were a western guy I'd at least consider the 191.

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How do these compare to the Rossi B3 B83 Phantom 80.
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Originally Posted by ADay2Remember View Post

How do these compare to the Rossi B3 B83 Phantom 80.

They are wider, stiffer and less forgiving.

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