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Spitfire Pro Length

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Does anyone have any suggestions on the most appropriate length for the spitfire pro for me?

I am 5'11" 170 lb and plan to use it for a small hill, on-piste and in the bumps.  So, lots of turns, and not enough vertical to go crazy fast.  A fair amount of skiing with family.  162 or 170?

Anyone with any direct experience on the ski?

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I'm approximately the same height and weight.  (5'10", 175#)  Level II PSIA instructor and NSP instructor.  I ski a small hill in the midwest, which would also be considered on-piste skiing.

I just purchased the same skis, 170 cm, but haven't skied them yet.  However (IMHO, and your mileage may vary) my guess would be that the 162 is just too short for your weight, and *might* limit the versatility of the ski for a wide variety of conditions.  So that leaves the 170 length.  I think you might also find the 162 too "twitchy" when skiing with your family.  If you plan on using the ski on larger terrain, then for sure 162 is too short.

My $.02.  Hope this helps.
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Thanks Steve. And, welcome to epic.

Maybe the real question is really not 170 or 162, but whether 162 is too short.  Or, can anyone describe the difference between the two. I will rarely use the ski on a big hill, and I often ski on sub 160s.

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