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Head Mojo 94, Line Prophet 90, Scott Mission, Watea 94

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Hi team. I've been lurking around on the forum for a couple of years now; an interested onlooker, learning what I could. Now I actually have a question worthy of discussion.

I have a hardpack carver. I have an all mountain ski. Now I'm looking to round off a three ski quiver with a 90-94mm ski. No particular preference for a twin tip, although I do love those rooster tails. The idea is that this ski would be a good one-ski quiver for the likes of the Western US and Canadian resorts and Japan, as well as that one day a year when I might luck out and get fully-fledged powder conditions here in Australia. It would be the one ski I pack when I'm heading overseas.

So, I'm looking for an all round ski with the following traits - the ski needs to work well in a foot or two of powder, get by in deeper powder, be stable in cut up powder (i.e. a day or two after a dump) and should be more a tree ski than a bowl ski. I don't imagine I'll ever hang out in the park.

Of all the skis I've read about the few that appeal to me for one reason or another (in no particular order) are the following:

- Head Mojo 94 (aka John)

- Line Prophet 90

- Scott Mission

- Watea 94

I've considered the Vollkl Mantra (relatively too stiff for the above methinks, but willing to be convinced otherwise), the Monster 88 (already have the 78), the Elan 888 (no idea why it's not on the list other than it's not 90mm) and several 100mm skis (too wide for my requirements I suspect).  I'm sure there are other skis worthy of consideration.  There are threads galore looking at these skis in isolation, or in comparison with another ski, or in comparison to a given resort, but nothing comparing them against each other and my own personal check list.

I'm 6'4" and 220lbs. 60 days skiing in total. Still learning, especially in powder. Looking for a ski up to 186cm. Any longer and I have to replace my roof box, and that's not on.

Love to hear some opinions on the topic.

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I'm not sure 94 will float your boat in pow.

The big guy 3-ski quiver is not 74-84-94. 

It's more like 80-95-110 (or more).

Don't be afraid of bigger skis on deeper days.

The Watea 101 was my daily driver (middle ski) last year.  Try it, it's very friendly.

I am auditioning the Watea 94 this year to see if it might be more bump friendly than
the 101 (not that the 101 was terrible in the bumps).  The 101 rocked for me in almost
all conditions, so I always wondered how the 94's would do.  I'm hoping for similar crud
performance with a slight edge in the bumps!

I vote you get the Watea 94's and demo something wider on the really deep days.

I haven't tried the Mojo's, I found a deal on the Watea 94's first, but would have jumped
on a deal on the Mojo's.  I have Monster 82's and just sold my Watea 84's since I don't need both. 

I found the Fischers easier to ski than the Monsters.

It should be fun no matter what you get!
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At your h/w, you should just get a bigger roof box.  You're going to need it.  

Then google these skis...

ON3P Billy Goat
PM Gear Lhasa Pow
DPS Lotus 120
Moment Bibby Pro 

They're pretty much like having the game genie for powder and trees.     
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Of the skis you have listed my vote would be for the Prophet 90 and then the Watea. But like lurking bear suggested l would second that motion and go with  a 100mm+ ski that is quick in the trees, such as the Prophet 100. If you could demo l would suggest a 5 demensional rocker ski such as the Rossignol S7, ON3P Billy Goat (also what lurking bear suggest), or Armada JJ. But you should try to demo because these skis ski different the a normal ski. l would try a 5 dimensional ski because of the 5 dimensions they turn really easy, they hold their own on groomers, and they are pretty fat (115mm+).

good luck
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 If you are looking for a ski to complement your existing skis, then none of those skis are great.  You will need something in the 110+ range.  I am quite intrigued by skis such as JJ or S7, so my feeling is that they will be the ticket.  However, you said that you want a one-ski quiver for the trips to the big mountains.  That changes things quite a bit.  So for one ski-do-all deal the 94-96 mm is a sweet spot.  Of the skis you listed I tried the Wateas and the John (actually the  Mojo94).  I would strongly advise against the Wateas, as they suck in crud.  They are great as a second ski, but as a one-ski quiver, I would not take them.  I did like Mojos a lot and bought them at the end of the season, see my review from last year.  Since you are a big guy and want a turny ski for trees, midfat skis like Nordica Enforcer or Atomic Snoop also come to mid. 
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Thanks for the replies.  I was focused on the 90-94mm range as a compromise, since we don't really get too many powder days down here, but taking a ski overseas changes things a little.  Seems a wider ski might hold up just as well.  I always thought 186cm would be enough - hence the roof box - but maybe not.

I'm intrigued by the Watea 101 - thanks for the tip.

May just bite the bullet and spend a week overseas demoing as many of these skis as I can find.
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+2 on the Prophet 100. For it's width, it's a turny ski, so it may suit your needs.
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I agree with the other posters that you'll want to consider going wider.  Even though you don't get a lot of powder days in AUS, if you're going to be traveling places you think you'll get more powder, the 100-110 range has some great skis that would fit your description. FWIW, I own watea 94's, and they're currently my skinny skis in a 2 ski quiver here in the PNW.  IMO, the 90-94 range *is* an all-mountain ski in the geographies you're talking about traveling to.  If you want a better soft snow ski, go wider.
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